Front Runner New Jersey is proud to unveil our new, original logo ahead of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Our wonderful new logo was created for FRNJ by Sarah Fraley, owner of C My Kolor Graphics, LLC in Pittsgrove, New Jersey after she was recommended by Meredith Winner, CEO of Mer-Made Photography.

The new logo will become the signature of everything connected to the FRNJ in the future. We truly appreciate Ms. Fraley’s efforts in creating such an outstanding logo and feel honored to have supported her business.

The photo FRNJ has used up to this point is not going away. It will now become the logo for our Agree to Disagree (A2D) opinion column section.

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Fraley for a great job and supporting her business. We thank Ms. Winner for the wonderful recommendation which is now part of FRNJ.

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