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Fatima Heyward and Digna Townsend, the cofounders of the South Jersey Young Democrats Black Caucus, are among the 2019 recipients of the SNJ Millennials 2019 30 Under 30 Trendsetter Award recipients.

The second annual 30 Under 30 Award Ceremony will be held Lucien Manor in Berlin on Nov. 30 (See Front Runner New Jersey Events Calendar). SNJ Millennials founder Quandell Igelsia made the announcement Monday.

Heyward and Townsend currently serves as president and vice president respectively of the South Jersey Young Democrats, which celebrates its one-year anniversary last month.

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Heyward, the reproductive justice and community partnerships manager for Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central and Southern NJ, was recently named president of the New Jersey Young Democrats.

Townsend, the outreach director for U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross’s Office, is also a board member with the Gloucester County NAACP.

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SNJ Millennials Founder Quandell Igelsia. Photo Courtesy of Quandell Igelsia

This year’s list include a wide diversity of talented leaders, from company and nonprofit founders, chief executive officers, consultants, general managers, chief officers to consultants and other business specialists.

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Others 30 Under 30 recipients include:

*Amanda Faia, general manager of Rizzieri Salons & Spa

*Amanda Kulikowski, founder and CEO of Fearless Movement

*Amo Kao, cofounder and chief marketing officer of RxAll

*Ashish Joseph, research analyst for Pew Trust/The Glenmede Trust Co.

*Brittanie Thomas, creative practitioner, Happily Better After

*Claira Percival, remodeling consultant, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions

*Darrin J. Maconi, founder and CEO, COYL

*David Linsky, president, Debt Free Living

*Devin Muracco, project and marketing coordinator, CLM Advisors LLC

*Dominique Williams, owner and cofounder, Leagacy League

*Gabbi Townsend, founder and CEO, GET PR

*Imani Oakley, NJ regional organizer and legislative director, Working Families NJ

*Jake Still, owner and cofounder, Junk Rescue

*Jalissa Bard, owner, Queen J Paints

*Jevon Torres, cofounder,  Giving Cycle

*Jillian Daniels, co-owner, Just Fork It

*Joseph Clymer, sales and design specialist, Amiano and Son Construction

*Josh Sivel, instructor, Underground Martial Arts & Fitness Center

*Kevin Hejnas, founder and owner, Hejnasty Coaching

*Kira Yakubov, therapist, Kira Yakubov Couples & Family Therapist

*Marco Panting, co-owner, Reyes and Shine Office Space

*Margarita Derelanko, director of compliance, Acenda Integrated Health

*Margie Brining, director of donor and agency relations, The United Way of Gloucester County

*Marianna Le Donne, realtor, Keller Williams Realty

*Samir Nichols, president and CEO, Superior Arts Institute

*Sarah Forsman, ambassador, Philly Phaces

*Shawn Becker, owner, Basements Love Us

*Terrell Brown, chief investment officer CEO of sports marketing division, Loyalty Alliance

*Trinity Jagdeo, founder and CEO, From We Can’t To We Can

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