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CHESTER — Focusing on the common ground American people have, rather than the differences, is one of the main themes of Yvette Long’s new book entitled “African-American History – The Untold Stories,” which was released in September.

Long writes to an audience of young men in the hopes of creating a source for the perception they have of themselves, as African-American men, and to see their complete potential in school and in life. The book will help readers of all ages have insight into the histories of their forefathers to gain this knowledge.

“It intends to build self-esteem, identity, which will improve academic outcomes,” said Long, who is also the founder of Platinum Minds (https://platinumminds.org), a nonprofit educational and leadership development organization dedicated to assisting boys from environmentally challenged neighborhoods with achieving their full academic potential and becoming leaders in their communities, with programs in Morris, Essex and Monmouth counties.

The Untold Stories gives a full and accurate account of African-American history from 1513 to present day – from slavery to the rise of the colonies, government fighting the freedom of African-Americans to slavery being abolished, and beyond.

Author Yvette Long

“African-American History – The Untold Stories” will show readers African-American history is truly American history.

“An understanding of history helps us to understand who we are while providing direction for who we are capable of becoming,” said Long. “History can also teach African-American students that the majority of whites were not in support of America’s shackle slavery legacy that blacks and whites have always wanted the same for this nation, namely freedoms, justice, equality and the ability to earn a decent living to support their families.

“Work remains to be done in getting this nation on the right path and to recognizing and holding accountable those who did and continue to engage in prejudicial mistreatment of African-Americans and put their self-interest above the betterment of the people,” Long said.

The book will help the audience learn about events of the past, to hopefully help avoid the same mistakes. The Untold Stories was written to connect Americans who could benefit from understanding and connecting with their history instead of being disconnected, Long said.

Long is also the president of Aspire, where she works to educate students on how to reduce their risky behaviors and decisions, while also teaching them methods to manage their time, goals and decision-making skills. For more information, visit https://www.aspirecounselingonline.com or call (908) 566-0145.

To read more about the book, about the author, visit https://www.africanamericanuts.com.

African-American History – The Untold Stories is now available in paperback ($14.95) and for Kindle ($9.95) on Amazon.com and for Nook ($9.95) on BarnesandNoble.com.

Yvette Long holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Thomas Edison State College and a master’s degree in student guidance services from Montclair State University. She is a psychologist, teacher and a guidance counselor.

She has received a number of awards and honors: Nominee for the New Jersey Hero Outstanding Non-Profit Leadership Award; Boy Scout Tribute to Women of Achievement Award and the Model Citizen Award in Morristown.

She holds the following designations: Counselor Issuing authority New Jersey, Certified Teacher Issuing authority New Jersey, Student Personnel Services/Guidance and Administration Issuing authority New Jersey, and Teacher of Psychology Issuing authority New Jersey. She is also the mother of two girls.

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