Vibe 609 Looks to Take Action in Atlantic City


Jamez King El (L) of Vibe 609 Radio with Clyde Hughes, of Front Runner New, Eric Muhammad and King Salaam.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

ATLANTIC CITY – Taking action to make a difference is one of the reasons Vibe 609 Radio in Atlantic City came into being, according to Jamez King El, who owns and operates the Internet broadcasting system with partner Maria “Aura” Miller.

Along with Vibe 609 host Eric Muhammad and King Salaam, King El appeared in front of Shiloh Baptist Church Saturday, Nov. 30 for the Micah “Dew” Tennant-Dunmore funeral service with hundreds of others from Atlantic City.

The death of the 10-year-old boy who was shot at a crowded football game in Pleasantville on Nov. 15 and died give days later made national headlines. Vibe 609 radio, though, was not seeking the headlines, but to bring those people attending together.

King El said Vibe 609 Radio has dedicated itself to the positives and unity of the local community and businesses in Atlantic City through its broadcasting. Vibe 609 Radio has been around for two years, but King El said he business has been doing production here for about 20 years.

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The Real Name

King El refers to himself as Moors, the “real name of the black people and we exercise in our royal linage. We share civics and a lot of knowledge our people don’t know about. They never learned civics. We exercise a new narrative whenever our people are doing something productive for our communities. Anything that helps what the great Philip Scott would say ‘the diaspora,’ we’re down for it.”

He said the death of the 10-year-old struck a chord with him. Tennant died after a 31-year-old man fired into a crowded football stand during a playoff game between Camden and Pleasantville, injuring two others.

“I’m emotionally attached to the crisis because I grew up amongst a lot of stuff like this,” King El said. “I’m lucky to be here. I can think back to a similar situation that I might have been close to. I realized that the people who have grown and witness those experiences have got to come back and help address those situations because we’ve been here before and we understand some of our youth haven’t.”

Dealing With the Trauma

King El said he wants Vibe 609 Radio to help provide a way to deal with the pain throughout the community that situations like the Tennant death caused.

“They’ve witnessed a traumatic situation,” King El said. “A lot of us can’t afford the therapy to deal with our post-traumatic stress, so we try to go out and aid them the best we can and show a sign of support, because we believe, sometimes, that’s the biggest thing we can do is show up.”

Vibe 609 appears at events around Atlantic City along with its broadcast.

“We share our information through social media, on Facebook and YouTube ” King El said. “We’re working to host functions the youth might partake in, particularly. We’re offering to train some of the children in media so they can have more opportunities than basketball and rapping.”

Being Moor United

King El said he just Being Moor United, a coalition of community leaders working as a nonprofit doing different things in the city. He said the key to the coalition is to make connection with others and help promote their projects.

“We bring other people in to help promote their platforms,” King El said. “Our main thing is to make them look better. We want to uplift ourselves. It’s up to us to rise us back to greatness. I’m a firm believer that when the children of Israel return home, there will be world peace. That means, when we return to the Israel mind state, there will be world peace.”

You can find Vibe 609 Radio on Facebook at this link.

“Being ingenious and understanding your struggle is what gives Vibe 609 Radio its uniqueness,” Maria Miller said on the station’s Facebook page. “We have literally walked up and down the streets (on both sides) and took a look at the status of our community. With the help and support of family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, and businesses around the area and worldwide, Vibe 609 Radio will evolve in time.”

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