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This year has been filled with struggle and victory. Salvation and Social Justice has been the leading Black faith rooted organization for the liberation of marginalized people in New Jersey. That is only possible because of the solidarity and support from many prominent faith leaders and congregations throughout the state. It is with humility and privilege that I call many of you friends. You call with encouragement, you offer your space, you get information out to your congregations, you pray for and financially support the work, you give us a “heads up” when needed, and you open closed doors. 

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on just some of this years’ victories and initiatives that were only made possible by all of you.

January we celebrated the signing of the Independent Prosecutor law

March we launched hearings regarding the disturbing findings in the Force Report ( We held hearings in Newark, Paterson, Pleasantville, Elizabeth, Burlington, and New Brunswick. We took the concerns generated from the people to the Attorney General.

April we announced in partnership with New Jersey Citizen Action a push to Cover All Kids with health insurance.

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May we stood with the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice to declare no new youth prisons in Newark.

June we organized Black & Latino Legislators, Statewide Clergy & Civil Rights Leaders to demand action on social & racial justice legislation for cannabis decriminalization, expungement, youth justice and restoring voting rights.

Also with the Institute we presented, “What Comes After Youth Prison Closure? A Community-Based System of Care based on Restorative and Transformative Practices.”

July we celebrated the signing of The Restricting Isolated Confinement Act.

November we stood with our colleagues calling for a reparations task force and launched in partnership with The Black Church Center for Justice and Equality introduces “Justice that Makes More Than Cents: A Congregational Toolkit for the Movement for Reparations.” 

December the Attorney General responded to many of the concerns brought out in the Force Report hearings.

And finally also in December we were proud to have supported and celebrated the signing of the voting rights restoration of 83,000 people returning home from incarceration. 

Our fight and prophetic witness is only just beginning.

In 2020 SandSJ will be launching several initiatives regarding policing, sentencing, health, and education. We are adding to our staff, board, and coalition. We will also be rolling out some robust donation platforms for those interested in supporting our work financially. For those who pray, pray for us. For those who organize, help us organize. For those who can give, contact us about supporting the work. We are grateful to be on this battlefield with you and look forward to advancing liberation in 2020.

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