FRNJ Introduces New ‘Firsts’ Column


Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

Front Runner New introduces a new column today called “First.”

Even in 2020, African-Americans and other minorities continue to become the “first” in their field, whether it is elected office, nonprofits and professionally, etc. We acknowledged that being a “first” is still special, important and significant.

We also hope to highlight the unique challenges that comes with being a “first,” because they serve as ground-breakers, standard-bearers and trendsetters. That almost always come with unease and even pushback from the status quo.

At Front Runner New Jersey, we want to recognize those special individuals, celebrate their accomplishments and shine a light on why they stand out.

While FRNJ will move past stories that meet this requirement into the column, the first original stories appear this week. On Monday, we posted a story on Rachel Green, the civil rights director and Southern Regional director for Action Together New Jersey. She was the first African-American to serve as president of the Deptford Township Board of Education.

Later in the week, we will post a story on Andrew Parker III, the first black elected to the Egg Harbor Township Committee and is now running for Atlantic County Freeholder. He currently serves as an educator in Atlantic City.

If you know of any “firsts” we should highlight, please let us know. If you would like to sponsor our “Firsts” column, we can give you the details on our special rate for a six-month or year sponsorship.

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