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*Editor’s note at end of the column

The voting-by-mail is already underway in South Jersey’s Congressional District and ends July 7th.  

These elections are critical to African-Americans and Latinos in areas in the state known for its historical hostility towards person of color. Recognizing this, a coalition of voter protection groups succeeded in obtaining a federal lawsuit settlement that allows all New Jersey voters whose votes are tentatively rejected to fix their ballots.  If are one of the rejected voters, you will get an opportunity to fix it in person, by fax, or email by 2 p.m. on July 23.

ADV: True Democrats for Cunningham. Will Cunningham For Congress July 7.

During the past months, as an opinion blogger, my views on three of the Congressional District covering communities in South Jersey, are shaped by my interest in representative government, experience on political campaigns and acquired skills in politics.

ADV: Amy Kennedy For Congress. July 7. Don’t Forget to Vote By Mail

After researching and analyzing the candidates policy positions on issues that affect all communities in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Congressional districts, in particular vulnerable African-American and Latino communities, I urge voters in these South Jersey Congressional districts to cast your cast by filling in with a blue or black ink pen the oval next to Congressman Donald Norcross in the 1st Congressional District, Amy Kennedy in the 2nd Congressional District, and Congressman Andy Kim in the 3rd Congressional District.  

ADV: Pamela Thomas-Fields for Mayor. Vote by Mail Before or on July 7

Congressman Donald Norcross covering parts of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties, is supported by many of my close friends.  Elected in 2014, Norcross has shown his commitment to all the people in the very diverse district, which covers Camden City.  During his tenure, he has fought for African-Americans and Latinos on such issues as housing, employment, education, business development, criminal justice reform, healthcare, and other quality of life issues.

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Amy Kennedy in 2nd Congressional district, covering Salem, Cumberland, Cape May and Atlantic counties and portions of Gloucester, Camden, Burlington and Ocean counties. In a competitive race to replace Democratic turncoat Congressman Jeff Van Drew, voters have a choice between, Amy Kennedy an unusually effective mental health advocate, former public school teacher, a part of the storied Democratic Kennedy family.

Brigid Callahan Harrison, a professor of politics and law at Montclair University, she is the regular Democratic Party’s chosen candidate, and Will Cunningham, who has worked for Sen. Cory Booker. In the race, Cunningham has saved his strongest criticism for Kennedy, but has been hands off with Harrison. Will came in third in the 2018 primary election in which Van Drew bested three challengers, to capture the Democratic Party nomination. Getting to know her kind and caring demeanor, I strongly believe Amy Kennedy is the best choice for Democratic voters, particularly African-American and Latino voters.

Congressman Andy Kim in the 3rd Congressional District, which covers parts of Burlington and parts of Ocean counties. Kim needs no introduction. He is the first member of Congress of Korean descent, who defeated Republican Tom MacArthur by a slim margin in 2016, helping Democrats take back the United States House of Representatives. He worked at the U.S. Tate Department, served in Afghanistan as a civilian advisor to Generals Petraeus and John R, Glenn. Andy Kim in his first term has been very accessible to all his constituents, and he worked to strengthening healthcare and lowering prescription drug costs. He also serves on the coronavirus crises subcommittee in the House. Voters in the 3rd Congressional District will be well served by making sure he wins re-election.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Endorsements made are by Mr. Rojas. Front Runner New Jersey, as a website, does not itself endorse candidates.

Bio: Wilfredo “Wil” Rojas is an award-winning columnist, veteran civil rights activist and former officer with the Gloucester County NAACP. He is the cofounder and retired director of Philadelphia Prison System’s Office of Community Justice and Outreach.

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