Beatrice Caraballo Finds Her Voice, Power With BMC Network Communications


BMC Network Communications founder Beatrice Caraballo. Photo courtesy Beatrice Caraballo.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

BRADDOCK — Sometimes, life can present a series of challenges that can weigh a person down or build an inner-strength that allows them to excel in such abundance that they can share it with others.

South Jersey public relations maven Beatrice Sanabria Caraballo falls in the latter of that description with a personality that allows her, through her various media properties and community work, to speak powerfully, clearly and with purpose on virtually any project she takes on.

The founder and chief executive of BMC Network Communications said there is a purpose behind her community work and she hopes that she can be a role model for others who have overcome struggles.

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“Although it is nice to hear a thank you and receive an award, my work is because God tells me there is work to do and I just follow,” Caraballo told Front Runner New Jersey/La Prensa recently. “The word ‘role model’ is thrown around so much, but it could be the construction or destruction of someone.

“The meaning of a role model is supposed to build and teach not to be greedy or allow their egos to lead. Yes, I take it very seriously and it reflects in everything I do because I never know who is looking — what child am I inspiring. I am not perfect, but I try to do my best,” she added.

Birth of a Business

BMC Network Communications is a broadcasting and public relations company, which is the parent company of “The World Around Us” talk show on CTF-TV Christian Network and YouTube, “La Gitana” talk show podcast, El Poder de la Mujer Latina (projects entitled “Annual Latina Calendar” and “Make a Difference for Puerto Rico”) and Faces of Our Kings campaign against racism and hatred.

CD covers of BMC Network Communications shows “The World Around Us” and “La Gitana.” Photo courtesy of BMC Network Communications Facebook.

She is also a columnist for Impacto Media newspaper and is a published freelance plus-size model on Size Overrated Magazine. She has hosted and spoken at conferences and events throughout the East Coast, but speaks humbly and candidly about challenges that brought her to this point in her life.

Born in Camden to Don Juan Antonio Sanabria and Doña Maria Antonia Morales de Sanabria, she comes from a family of 11 siblings and attended Woodrow Wilson High School.


“I dropped out in 12th grade due to pregnancy,” Caraballo said. “Yes, I was one of the statistics. Several years later I went to Camden High School to receive my GED. I then went to Camden County College to major in criminal law, but one day I got scared and walked out. Scared of what? Well, I had two very young children and I was a young widow with two elder parents that were all my responsibility, so I went to work instead.”

Caraballo’s first husband died in a Camden drive-by shooting as an innocent bystander, leaving her to fend for herself with her small children.

“I became an advocate and worked diligently with the prosecutor’s office to find his murderer and prosecute him,” she said. “I was 20 with two small babies.”

Caraballo said she grew up with another issue that challenged her but also inspired one of her callings.

Finding Her Power Again

“At the early age of 5, a man took my power and I got it back, so I was determined to help others get empowered too,” Caraballo said. “I was sexually molested by one of my brothers and his step-son at the dining room table while having a ‘Sunday family dinner.’ I told my mother and my father the very next day. I was told that what happens here stays here. I grew up angry until my teens.

“BMC Network Communications, LLC is a broadcasting and marketing company with a mission statement of ‘Changing One Mindset at a Time’ via not only my work, but by using my voice,” she continued.

Caraballo, who now lives in Braddock, said her company El Coqui Del Caribe Entertainment evolved into what BMC Network Communications is today. She created “La Gitana” more than 18 years ago in Vineland at La Zeta 1270 AM. Caraballo started “The World Around Us” in 2015.

BMC Network Communications founder and owner Beatrice Caraballo. Photo by Gus Conde.

“It is different because it brings a spotlight to those making a difference in our communities,” Caraballo said. “One is radio, the other is television and YouTube.”

Working in the Latino community is in her blood and she still gets a great deal of enjoyment out of it.

“I love being a Puerto Rican,” Caraballo said. “I am so proud of my heritage as a Taino woman from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico with ancestors from Spain and slave ancestors from African running through my DNA.”

Caraballo and her daughter Crystal launched El Poder de la Mujer Latina in 2017 to focus on changing the perception of Latinas in society.

Identification on Her Terms

“Selected Latinas work together to encourage young girls to identify and feel positive about their unique appearance, color, body shape and language, regardless what is dictated in society as the ‘norm.'” Caraballo said. They published the very first Latina Calendar in 2018 and now are working on 2021.

With El Poder de la Mujer Latina, Carabellos hosted several workshops on human trafficking in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigations; participated in the Rock One Sock Campaign in 2018 and produced a Missing Children national public awareness video in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). The video airs on CTF-TV Christian Network and YouTube.

They have been helping Puerto Rico since 2017 when Hurricane Irma and Maria hit the island. They have collected and sent 38,918 tons of supplies, including medical equipment to Puerto Rico; helped over 20 families evacuate to Atlantic County as well as help to find several missing persons. In June 2018, they sent more than 200 pounds of animal supplies to Puerto Rico to help save abused and homeless animals.  Beatrice was also involved in helping abused women find safe houses to get away from their abusers in Puerto Rico.

Caraballo said God, her parents, children and grandchildren inspire her the most today. The busy mother and grandmother said she hopes to add a “whole new life in the real estate world” in five years.

The talented Latina marketing leader touched several other subjects as well with Front Runner New Jersey/La Prensa.

Front Runner New Jersey/La Prensa: Where did your interest in the topics of racism and social justice come from?

Beatrice Caraballo: In 2006, we moved to Gloucester City. I came home from work at the radio station to find my privacy fence and my back door broken into. I rushed inside and couldn’t find my children. I was so scared because for days we had been receiving threats from the KKK and Aryan Nation. I ran all the way to the 3rd floor where I found my children hiding with our dog. They were so frightened and I will never forget their faces and their tears. When we started to move out boxes, we were blocked and threatened again. We had to stand our ground, put our children in our car and push them out of our way.

In 2015, I was going to celebrate my birthday with some friends at the Atrium Dance Studio in Pennsauken. I was driving my son’s vehicle which has all black tinted windows, so I was stopped by two officers (one Black and one white). The Black officer was very pleasant and spoke to me with respect, but the white cop walked up to my passenger door while he released the lock on his gun. I was asked to get my paperwork, so I informed the Black officer I needed to reach toward the glove compartment. He gave me permission to move, but his partner (which I did not notice) was already pointing the gun at me for moving in the car. The Black officer immediately yelled, “Sergeant, please calm down she is just getting her paperwork. Put your gun away she is fine.” I never thought it would happen to me! I was so angry and scared.

Front Runner New Jersey/La Prensa: Tell us about the Faces of Our Kings Campaign.

Beatrice Caraballo: On May 25, shortly after 8 p.m., George Perry Floyd was murdered by four corrupted police officers who violated their oath and abused their authority. It took these men exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds to take Mr. Floyd’s life in front of the public eye. Regardless of what this man did, absolutely no one deserves to die in this cruel and unjust manner. The world cringed as he cried out “Mama” because he knew he was going to die and we were forced to face the evil reality of pure racism and hatred. We are not against the police, legal system nor whites/Caucasians; however, we are against all racism and inequality.

Image form BMC Network Communications “Faces of Our Kings” anti-racism campaign. Photo by Leesa Fontanez.

Our ancestors paved the way for us with their sacrifices. Now we must pave the way for our future generations so they can have a better and brighter future. On our shoulders rest the obligation to take a stand for what is right and denounce what is wrong; to stand together and make a change in this world.

“A King recognizes authority but rules in his own right not to hold power but to wield it for the betterment of his people Black and Brown pride,” says Marchello Hancock.

We want European history and our history to be told with the good and the bad, regardless how difficult it is to hear. Some of us have been privileged to know the truth of our history and our culture because we have been taught by our parents and elders, but we want the educational system in our nation and around the world to teach the truth about all history! 

In a society where Blacks and Latinos are seen as undesirable, worthless criminals to be controlled, crippled, shackled, chased and even slaughtered, Faces of Our Kings seeks to change the mindset and demonstrate a better image of our Kings. We are hardworking, intelligent, dedicated, devoted, religious professionals giving back to our communities and standing up for the injustices that are constantly committed against our people. We will no longer be bought nor sold! We will no longer be exploited for the betterment of others! We will no longer be controlled or ordered to obey! We will no longer tolerate being treated with such hate and discrimination!

Hate and racism can’t live in us if we truly want to make a change — a better change to benefit us ALL!  Hate can’t be the motive, the engine to continue pushing this nation or the world forward. Hate and anger toward those that we believe have hurt us or offended us won’t get us anywhere; instead it will keep us in this state of pain and bondage.

“Even though hate is now hidden, it still shows its ugly head every now and then in our timeline. Who will build One America for All? A bully is a bully, the question I have is why?” says Dr. Pedro Santana.

Life is our birth right! We are a part of something way bigger! We will conquer all hate and achieve equality! We need you to get registered and vote, attend your local government meetings, get involved in your local school system, voice your opinions and write letters to your government officials. 

This campaign photography was by Leesa Fontanez. The men that form the camaraderie of Faces of Our Kings are C. Andre Daniels, Mayor Emeritus of Westampton and Co-Creator; Gus Conde, Photographer of Conde Exposed; Rahim Samad, Creative Director of Smart Impact Media; Rob Smith, Creative Director of Eleven22 Productions; Dr. Pedro Santana, President of Deal With It Consulting; Bruce Boyd, CEO & Founder of Building Our Youth’s Development; Manuel Hernandez, Owner of Respectmylenz; Marchello Hancock, Owner & Personal Trainer at The Pinnacle and Juan J. González, Esq., Family Law Attorney at Law Offices of Juan J. González and Adjunct Professor at Camden County College.

I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt so that you would no longer be slaves to the Egyptians; I broke the bars of your yoke and enabled you to walk with heads held high. – Leviticus 26:13

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