Rev. Ralph Graves Celebrates ‘Unstoppable’ Anniversary


Rev. Ralph Graves Jr.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

MILLVILLE — The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped Rev. Ralph Graves and his book “Unstoppable: Seven Universal Laws That Will Transform How You Pursue and Achieve Success” as he celebrates the first anniversary of the publication.

In fact, Graves said the pandemic has meant the public needs him and the book’s message more than ever.

“People want to look out the window and see you,” he said of promoting the book during a global health crisis. “You can’t disappear. You want to be someone they can depend on. For me, during this crisis, it was a time to ramp it up and be there.

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“Some people lost a lot since March. [The book] has blessed so many people and lifted them up during this time,” Graves said.

The pastor of Millville’s Cornerstone Community Church told Front Runner New Jersey he will soon start working on a follow-up to Unstoppable after traveling the country promoting it and receiving warm responses to it nationwide.

New Book

“I’ve talked to my publisher this week and we’re looking at doing a book every 18 months,” Graves said. “I don’t know if I’d call it ‘Unstoppable 2.’ Maybe ‘Unbreakable’ or ‘Undeniable.’ There are so many universal laws. Maybe I’ll take a deeper drive into two of them or do another seven.”

In “Unstoppable,” Graves uses his own life story as the backdrop to address the “universal laws” that can impact a person’s life.

Each chapter concludes with application-focused questions and action steps to guide the readers in making the universal laws a part of their lives.

“If you’ve only been dreaming about what your life could look like, it’s time you stopped being a passive bystander and took charge. Begin reading your copy of Unstoppable now to encounter the fundamental principles and purposeful tools that any person can pursue to achieve tangible success and a lasting legacy,” a description of the book on Amazon said.

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Graves said he has been pleased with the way the book has been received.

Rev. Ralph Graves in front of his congregation at Cornerstone Community Church in Millville before coronavirus restrictions. Photo courtesy Cornerstone Community Church Facebook.

“I won’t say it’s doing better than expected because when I do things like this, I do expect for it to reach the right people,” Graves said. “So many people have sent me reviews and it has blessed so many people. They have told me how the book has changed their lives and how they go about things.

“When you write a book, you’re writing from your experience. You end up meeting people who’ve had the same experience or you never know what they’re going through. This book has helped thousands of people. I thank God for that,” Graves said.

Resonating With Readers

Graves said throughout his book promotions, two things that have resonated with readers have been the workbook and Chapter 1 that talks about control.

“One young lady told me seeing her write things down [in the workbook] really helped her break free,” Graves said. “She never wrote down things before.

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“Everyone talks about this law of control. You can’t control what happens, but you can control how you respond. That happens to be Chapter 1. People just keep coming back to that. We talk about attitude and how attitude will lead to action and that will lead to results. No one has dominion over my attitude. No one has control over my attitude. God has given me full dominion over that,” Graves said.

Graves is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Millville. He is a motivational speaker, business consultant and author. He is the founder and vice president of City’s Hope Community Development Corporation and founder of Project U. He is also a member of the National Speakers Association, National and Philadelphia chapters. In 2011, he retired as a sergeant of police after 20 years of dedicated service to the State of New Jersey.

Those interested can reach Graves via Twitter @RalphGravesJr; @c3emillville, Instagram: @ralphgravesjr, Facebook: Ralph.J.Graves, his website:, LinkedIn: RalphGravesJr and email:

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