By Rev. Charles Boyer & Gantry Fox | Salvation and Social Justice

Jacob Blake is us.

He is our child, our brother, our partner, and our father. We write to you with rage, a rage that in this moment if not for the sacred call of social justice, would consume us … But God. Reverend Boyer and our Salvation and Social Justice Team carry a conviction to utilize that energy for immediate transformation in policy, in law, in New Jersey. We invite you to participate in the same rage that is a fire that cannot wait until another generation passes.

The absolute disregard for Jacob Blake’s life and the lives of his children testify to the collective call upon us as a nation.

Jacob Blake is us. And Wisconsin is us, my fellow New Jerseyans. This attempted lynching reveals, once again, that we must take action against the powers and principalities at work around us.

We must take action here in New Jersey where police officers could shoot an unarmed man seven times in the back in front of his children. Here in New Jersey, the law today would say such an attempted lynching was reasonable. Here in New Jersey, we are the site of a supposed progressive political establishment. Here in New Jersey, the law makes racism the reasonable baseline.

Urge your assembly people to support and post Bill A4526 for a hearing by CLICKING HERE.

We cannot wait one more day. We cannot live one more day under the reasonable expectation of systemic racism. A4526 must receive a hearing and be passed. We must fuel our holy rage and lament into prophecy and policy.

We know it will take more than one bill, more than one day and more than one action. This is why we are gathering a Prophetic Assembly on Policing on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 4 p.m. We are calling community leaders, those with lived experiences of unjust policing, faith leaders, advocates, social service workers, and all accomplices for justice.

Rev. Charles Boyer and Gantry Fox, of Salvation and Social Justice.

Join us as we engage in a series of coalition building efforts through networking, education, and strategic planning to drive ground level systemic change right here in NJ.

Register here:

In the words of James Baldwin, “The impossible is the least that one can demand.”

Seeking the salvation that can only come through social justice.

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