Local NAACP Presidents Instruct Voters on Mail-in Ballots in New Video


Loretta Winters, R, and sits with Alexander Bland, L. Photo courtesy of NAACP.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was produced as part of the 2020 Election Reporting Fellowship with NJ ethnic and community media organized by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University.

ATLANTIC CITY — Four presidents of South Jersey branches of the NAACP are featured in a new video instructing the public how to vote via mail in the upcoming Nov. 3 election to make sure votes are counted properly.

The nearly four-minute video gives detailed instructions on how to vote, the writing instrument needed to fill out the ballot and how to properly place the ballot inside the envelope so it can be counted and not disqualified.

The video features Loretta Winters, president of the Gloucester branch NAACP with her husband; Alexander Bland, president of the Cape May branch, Kaleem Shabazz, president of the Atlantic City branch and Olivia Caldwell, president of the Pleasantville/Mainland branch.

Yolanda Melville, national president of the NAACP’s Next Generation Alumni Leadership Council and a member of the Atlantic City NAACP branch, makes a closing statement on the importance of voting.

The NAACP, which has a long tradition of voting rights activism since its inception, has been particularly busy this year assisting the public in voting with the new restrictions and changes that has affected ballot access because of the coronavirus pandemic this year.

“We know that if people of color and specifically Black voters participated in elections at the same rate as white voters have we would have a progressive majority,” the national NAACP said on its webpage addressing voting.

“Black voters are skeptical of the political establishment, unhappy with candidate choices, frustrated with structural and institutional racism, slow job growth, no wage growth, the rising costs of health care, the rising cost of college and the rising cost of housing, and disturbed about police violence. We can address many of these issues by electing the right individuals and passing the right legislation,” the message said.

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