Sharnell Morgan Running To Represent All Pleasantville Residents on Council


By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

PLEASANTVILLESharnell Morgan has been a community activist for three decades and serves on the Pleasantville Board of Education and now she is fighting against the establishment to win a seat on Pleasantville City Council.

Morgan, who has served on the Pleasantville school board for five years, said one of her biggest challenges has been to get the word out about who she is and why she would make the ideal candidate for city council.

Her Own Person

Morgan said she would rather focus on her service to the Pleasantville community and her commitment to the residents of the city west of Atlantic City. She touted her grassroots service as testimony of her will to reach every Pleasantville citizen.

“I have helped a lot of people, mainly children in Pleasantville,” Morgan said. “I have volunteered doing summer camps in Woodland Terrace, summer breakfast and lunches in New Hope Community. I mentored young ladies. I have adopted three teenage young ladies and a teenage young man.”

Morgan said she has done so much volunteer work that the City of Pleasantville hired her for a summer program and she was sought out to be the community liaison for the STEM program in New Hope Community. She has worked with youth at the Pleasantville Housing Authority and Hope VI Community.

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Dedicated to Pleasantville, Children

“I did Saturday movie nights serving light refreshments to the children as well as did Thanksgiving and Easter dinners. I did Halloween parties for the children,” Morgan said. “I used to take the teen boys to the Shore Mall and Hammonton Mall to help them fill out applications. I did back-to-school barbecues giving out school supplies.”

Morgan said she would like to find a building to start a Boys & Girls Club with vocational trainings and other job-related activities.

“I have my own teen awareness program to help the teens and make them aware of what’s going on such as date rape, domestic violence, sexual assaults, STDs, and offer them assistance,” Morgan said.

Morgan also expressed her strength of motivation, saying that despite the forces against her campaign, those things have not dampened her enthusiasm and determination to do what is best for Pleasantville.

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