Puerto Rican flag raised in front of Vineland City Hall as part of Puerto Rican Festival Week July 25.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

ATLANTIC CITY — In July, Front Runner New Jersey introduced its FRNJ/La Prensa column, created to highlight the Hispanic community and leaders in South Jersey.

The column reached all of is expectations and more as FRNJ spotlighted inspiring stories, influential leaders and true difference-makers throughout the region. Below are the 10 most-read stories in our FRNJ La Prensa column in 2020.

10. Mimi Nambo Spreads Enthusiasm, Hope to Others

The Michigan transplant fell in love in Atlantic City, literally and figuratively. Nambo’s enthusiasm and inspiration has helped lift up many others in the community.

Mimi Nambo. Photo courtesy of Mimi Nambo.

9. NJ Latinas Build Bond With LUPE Fund, PAC

Seeing a need to assist other Latinas throughout the state take their place on boards and in politics, LUPE Fund and LUPE PAC have taken on the challenge of growing their own leaders.

8. Mo Delgado Helping Shape Atlantic City; Ready for Next Challenge

Mo Delgado is the Latino who has long been on city council in Atlantic City, but he sees a bigger future for the Hispanic community and himself.

Atlantic City councilman Mo Delgado. Photo courtesy Mo Delgado Facebook.

7. Sara Pena Makes Impact with State Agency, LUPE Fund

Sara Pena talks about weathering the difficult days and finding inspiration to become one of the most respected Latina leaders in New Jersey as director of the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development.

Sara Pena, director of the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development. Photo courtesy of Sara Pena.

6. Lydia Munoz Helps Families Break Barriers at Spanish Community Center

Lydia Munoz chief executive officer of the Spanish Community Center. Photo courtesy of Lydia Munoz.

Ms. Munoz’s long advocacy for the Hispanic community in South Jersey and beyond has paved the way for many individuals within the family to not only sustain a life, but grow, influence and motivate others.

5. Anthony Lino “Living God’s Plan” as 1 of 3 Cooper Levenson Scholarship winners

Anthony was a student-athlete who excelled in academics at Atlantic City High School and followed his heart to attend Rutgers University and major in a field of studies that will allow him to connect to the community.

Cooper Levenson Scholarship winner Anthony Lino from Atlantic City High School. Photo courtesy of Cooper Levenson.

4. Carmen Arocho-Gonzalez Ready for Life’s Challenges

Ms. Arocho-Gonzalez’s inspiring study has helped families and youth throughout South Jersey as an officer with the Puerto Rican Action Committee of Southern Jersey.

Carmen Arocho Gonzalez in cap and gown in 2019 graduation photo from Rowan University. Photo courtesy of Carmen Arocho Gonzalez.

3. Celeste Fernandez Says She Can’t Say Silent

The Atlantic County businesswoman and community activist started off humbly as a casino worker in Atlantic City and now has become one of the most recognizable faces in the community. Her next goal is to win a seat on the county board of freeholders.

Celeste Fernandez. Photo courtesy of Fernandez for Freeholder Facebook.

2. Lt. Wilber Santiago Makes Connections with Atlantic City, Community

Atlantic City Lt. Wilber Santiago has embraced his role of being a law enforcement leader and role model for young people in his hometown, through his involvement in PAL and connections on the beat. Santiago has made AC a safer place as a mainstay with the patrol.

Lt. Wilber Santiago, Atlantic City Police Department.

1. Mayra Arroyo Uplifts Students, Others in “Blessed” Journey

College wasn’t on Ms. Arroyo’s mind while growing up, but she is now a longtime administrator at Rowan University, with the ability to shape, mold and inspire other students on a regular basis.

Mayra Arroyo (R) with daughter Charissa Burgos, who are both on the staff at Rowan University. Photo courtesy of Mayra Arroyo.

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