David Winkler Switches Gears; Now Running for NJ Governor Against Phil Murphy


Undated image of David Winkler. Photo courtesy of David Winkler Facebook.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

WEST NEW YORKDavid Winkler has ended his New Jersey Senate run in favor of running against Gov. Phil Murphy as a member of the new Patriot Party, according to reports.

Per a press release that appeared in InsiderNJ.com, Winkler said he will embrace the tenants of a conservative and will be a strong constitutional originalist as a lifelong Republican. If elected, he would become New Jersey’s first Black and Hispanic governor ever.

“Recent events have demonstrated that Democrats do not represent the wishes of the American people, and refuse to uphold the Constitution,” Winkler said in the news release. “Republicans are too weak in their defense of the Constitution. Both parties have failed us.

“This is why I am running as the first Patriot Party candidate in the USA, and specifically NJ. For too long the parties have been indistinguishable, conspiring against the people. I am running to represent all the people of NJ with a strong Constitutional focus and uphold the rule of law,” he added.

Winkler has added a governor campaign website and Facebook page while taking down his sites for his previous campaign for New Jersey Senator. Before running for governor, Winker had been running as a Republican in the 32nd District likely against incumbent Nicholas Sacco.

He also started a recall of Murphy earlier this month, attempting to get 1.7 million signatures to force Murphy to defend his office. Winkler accused Murphy of abusing his power with his state emergency orders related to the coronavirus pandemic. He said those orders crushed local New Jersey business owners and everyday workers trying to make a living.

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