Women of Color Coalition Supports Impeachment, Denounces Double-Standard Policing


Rachel Green. Photo courtesy of Rachel Green.

The Women of Color Coalition Supports the impeachment and conviction of Donald Trump in regards to the attack on the U.S. Capitol and denounce the racial double standards in regards to policing protesters of color vs. white protestors as demonstrated during the Capitol riot.

“The Women of Color Coalition is a multi-racial group of women from diverse backgrounds and professions. Some of our members are U.S. born, while others are immigrants who have joined our cause to support the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020 campaign for Presidency. In spite of our diverse backgrounds, the common thread that binds all of our coalition members is our strong belief in the cardinal principles of democracy, especially with regard to race relations within the United States.

“We support the impeachment, trial & conviction of former president, Donald J. Trump, because he incited the insurrection on Jan 6th. We also support the removal from office, the 6 GOP Senators and 121 Republican Representatives who intended to object Wednesday to the electoral votes of majority Black and people of color from six states that backed Biden. Unity can only occur with accountability and justice,” said Anne Shaw, Co-Chair of the Women of Color Coalition.

The Women of Color Coalition advocated on behalf of equality and race relations in the aftermath of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor murders. Our Coalition supported the Black Lives Matters movement and all the peaceful protests across the nation.

On January 6th, the day when Congress was officially certifying the electorate for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the world witnessed a blatant double standard with regard to how the white insurrectionists (with weapons) who broke into the U.S. capital were treated by the law enforcement in comparison to the non-violent protesters of color when they peacefully protested the murder of George Floyd in Washington, D.C. on June 1st, 2021.

“We, the Women of Color Coalition, condemn the violent riot into the U.S. Capitol building that took place on Jan 6th. Due to the events that took place on Jan 6th, five Americans lost their lives. We express our condolences for the U.S. Capitol Police officers who have sacrificed their lives during the Capitol Riot. At the same time, we condemn the very evident discriminatory approach with which protesters of color vs white rioters were treated by law enforcement. The lack of immediate police action speaks to the deeper cognitive biases and racial prejudices inherent in some law enforcement individuals towards people of color and the complacency and support they have for white supremacy. The complacency in addressing white rioters along racial lines, as documented by the videos of some officers taking selfies with rioters after they had broken into the Capitol, is a cause of grave concern. It is high time that the United States of America rise above all racial prejudices and enforce equality of all citizens before the law,” said Rachel Green, Co-Chair of Women of Color Coalition.

The events that took place on Jan 6, 2021 and June 1, 2020 could not be more contrasted. Protesters of color on June 1st held largely peaceful marches following the death of George Floyd and Daniel Prude. Within no time, the non-violent right defenders were met with the police in riot gear and chemical dispersants. On the contrary, the time lag with which the U.S. Capitol Police Chief decided to take action against the Domestic Terrorists on Jan 6th and the slow response to the course of events was painfully obvious. The actions of the white insurrectionists differed greatly from the peaceful protests during the Black Lives Matter march on June 1st, 2020. The White insurrectionists, seditionists, their allies, many of whom brandished weapons such as guns, and mace; and they physically broke into the U.S. Capitol by breaking the Capitol’s glass windows, pepper spraying police officers upon entry, scaling rooftops, carrying Confederate Flags, vandalizing and stealing from duly elected official’s offices such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Congressman James Clyburn. Unfortunately, some of the Law Enforcement present that day was woefully/criminally negligent in their response, which calls for an immediate investigation.

Let no virtuous citizens of the United states confuse the unfortunate attempts of domestic terrorism against our elected officials and the House of Representatives as patriotism. The riot was a manifestation of domestic terrorism against the sacred democracy of the United States. We, the Women of Color Coalition, hereby condemn all forms of domestic terrorism within the US.

The Women of Color Coalition supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with the primary objective that the rights of People of color will be addressed with all its seriousness, particularly racial justice and law enforcement. January 6th, 2021 will indeed mark itself as one of the most horrific days in our democracy. At the same time, despite the uncertain times our nation finds itself in, we are confident that the Biden-Harris administration will prioritize an investigation on the domestic terrorism against our Capitol Building and the evident racial differentiation with which law enforcement addressed the concerned domestic terrorists. We, the Women of Color Coalition, trust that the Biden-Harris administration will address the issues that affect all people of color and will ensure legal egalitarianism towards all its citizens.

In solidarity,

Independent Grassroots and concerned members of Women of Color Coalition and partners, Black Diaspora Voices, Paths to Peace, Sisters for Social and Economic Justice, Suburban Women For the People.

  • Rachel Green, Women of Color Coalition Co-Chair
  • Anne Shaw, Women of Color Coalition Co-Chair
  • Lynn Halliburton, Executive Board Member of Women of Color Coalition Monica Hutchinson, Executive Board Member of Women of Color Coalition Litcy Kurisinkal, Executive Board Member of Women of Color Coalition Patricia Duncan, Women of Color Coalition
  • Aisha Diallo, Women of Color Coalition
  • Fatmata Barrie, Black Diaspora Voices
  • Tiffani McGinnis, Women of Color Coalition
  • Naomi V. Dunsen-White, Sisters for Social and Economic Justice
  • Maya Guy, Suburban Women for the People
  • Betsy Fiebach, Women of Color Coalition
  • Robyn Donaldson, Paths to Peace
  • Neha Dewan, Women of Color Coalition

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