Atlantic County Judge Weighs In on Thelma Witherspoon’s Commissioners Appointment

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

MAYS LANDING – The next chapter in the never-ending fight over the Atlantic City Commissioners’ District 3 seat will be played out back in Superior Court Wednesday with one things for sure – in the end, an African American will hold the seat.

When that will happen is another story.

For a quick recap, Democrat Thelma Witherspoon edged Republican Andrew Parker III by 286 votes in the November primary. Just before voting took place, it was learned 338 in the district didn’t have the race on their ballots and others outside the district did.

Parker asked Atlantic County Superior Court to order a special election and nullify the results. The court agreed, setting a special election for April 20. Witherspoon is appealing. In the meantime, since the seat was formerly held by Democrat Ashley Bennett, the Democrats appointed Witherspoon in the interim to the seat until the special election, if it happens.

The Republican-majority Atlantic County commissioners, though, refused to seat her.

On Wednesday, Judge Joseph Marczyk, who sided with Parker to hold April’s special election, will decided if the Atlantic County Democratic Park can actually appoint Witherspoon until the special election or if Witherspoon wins her appeal granting her the victory, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Witherspoon’s appointment won’t change the Board of Commissioners Republican advantage (the GOP currently own a 6-2 edge).

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