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OCEANVILLE — Civil rights attorney and former law enforcement detective Tim Alexander has become one of the first to throw his hat in the ring to challenge U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew for New Jersey’s Congressional seat with his announcement this month.

The Democrat served as a law enforcement officer before becoming an attorney where he helped bridge the divide between the police and the individuals they serve.

“I’ve dedicated my entire adult life to serving this community as a law enforcement officer, a prosecutor, and now a civil rights attorney,” Alexander said in a statement. “When Jeff Van Drew switched parties after being elected and pledged his undying loyalty to President Trump and the Republican party instead of this community, I could not sit on the sidelines any longer.”

Alexander said he knows what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck and his experiences are similar to many others in South Jersey.

“And even as an African American law enforcement officer, I’ve experienced firsthand being harassed, shot at, assaulted, and falsely accused by the police,” Alexander said. “I know how tough economic times impact lives and communities. I’ve lived it firsthand and seen it as a detective, a civil rights leader, and a father.

“Right now, the people of South Jersey deserve someone who’s on their side, regardless of party, who will work tirelessly to bring them jobs and opportunities — not politically motivated Washington D.C. obstructionist.”

Van Drew first won the District 2 Congressional seat in 2018, flipping the seat from Republican to Democrat for the first time in decades. Van Drew, though, made national headlines in 2020 when he switch parties and embraced President Donald Trump during Trump’s first impeachment efforts by Congressional Democrats.

He then edged out Democrat Amy Kennedy, the wife of former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, to hold on to the seat in November.

“My loyalty is and always will be with the people and communities of South Jersey and making life better for all of us,” Alexander said. “That’s why I’m running for Congress.”

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