NJ Working Families Alliance Endorses Elton Custis, Slate in Camden City Elections

AC JosepH Media

CAMDEN — Camden mayoral candidate Elton Custis offered his gratitude to New Jersey Working Families Alliance for their endorsement of him and his entire “Residents First” team in the Camden City mayoral and at-large council race, Carmen Lozada-Cooper, Carla Benson, and Hector Rojas in the June 8 primary.

“It is with pride that my team and I stand shoulder to shoulder with these fighters,” said Elton Custis, a school advisory board member and the only board member elected off-the-line. “There are no better allies statewide than New Jersey Working Families Alliance. I am honored to have their support and will continue my fight for the working families of Camden.”

“Elton Custis won a citywide race as a Camden board of education candidate, and is now running for Mayor with his team,” New Jersey Working Families Alliance Executive Director Sue Altman, said in a statement. “He clearly has a strong base within the community, which makes him a strong and viable candidate in Camden, which is what the city needs to protect its interests from a predatory County who has attempted to remove City control over code enforcement, certain parks, and the finance department.

“Camden County — a mostly-white controlled county — wants to take everything that’s not nailed down in Camden City- a mostly Black and brown city. This is an issue of justice and equity. We are strongly behind Elton, under whose leadership this kind of pillaging will be put to a stop,” Altman said.

New Jersey Working Families is a grassroots independent political organization fighting for a government that represents the needs and values of working families. Their list of endorsed candidates can be found here.

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