Mo Delgado Announces Independent Run for Atlantic City Mayor


By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

ATLANTIC CITY — City of Atlantic City at-large Councilman Mo Delgado, the lone Latino on the body, said late Friday he will run for mayor as an Independent.

Delgado made the announcement on Facebook, saying he will be taking the next steps to get enough signatures to be placed on the ballot. Incumbent Mayor Marty Small, Sr. is facing Tom Foley in the June 8 primary.

Delgado told Front Runner New Jersey back in December he was considering a run for mayor, admitting it was an open secret among his supporters.

“Some senators are staying in office in a federal government and they never leave,” Delgado said in an FRNJ interview that posted December 13. “I want to do what I can as mayor and then pass the baton to whoever is training and showing to be a beacon in the community.”

Republican Tom Forkin, who lost to Small to fill the remaining term of former Mayor Frank Gilliam last fall is running on the Republican side. James Whitehead had already announced he was running for mayor as an Independent as well.

But of all the candidates facing Small, it’s Delgado who has already proven the ability to get votes in the citywide election race.

Atlantic City councilman Mo Delgado. Photo courtesy Mo Delgado Facebook.

“I am not running for anything in the June Election, God willing, provided I get enough signatures as required to be put on the ballot. I will be running in November as an Independent,” Delgado said on Facebook, trying to become the city’s first Latino mayor.

“Not Republican or Democrat but as an Independent because it’s the people’s voice. I will be the conduit, not the party. Its local love and loyalty not settling for crumbs off a table and being colonized by outsiders. IT IS OUR TIME AC. When you see my name on the ballot for mayor, trust I am your voice not the puppet of others elsewhere,” Delgado wrote.

Small, who has the support of the local Democratic leaders, recently won the support of former presidential candidate and New Jersey U.S. Sen. Cory Booker. Delgado said, though, he wants the support of the residents of Atlantic City more.

“Know that whomever you choose must be able to be your voice and not just their own,” Delgado said. “In November’s election you will finally have a choice that speaks for you, works for you, and comes from the community … all of them. But for now choose who you feel is best among the options.

“He can hear my footsteps and knows he can no longer deny the voice of the people. It is our time Atlantic City,” Delgado added.

Delgado does a Facebook Live show called “The New Norm With Mo Delgado” that airs every Friday at 7 p.m.

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