Chicken Bone Beach Historical Foundation, Inc. hosts Youth Jazz Institute

ATLANTIC CITY – Chicken Bone Beach Historical Foundation will be hosting its annual Youth Jazz Institute for young people 9 to 21 years old beginning July 5, the organization said.

The foundation said it also will include new digital recording education programs.

“We know the last year and a half has been difficult, so let’s get our youth involved and active in building a musical skill,” the foundation said in a statement. “We have programs for students, aged 9 to 21. Flexible instruction times are available.”

The summer program will run from July 5-Aug. 21 and will include individual and group instruction in all of the programs. Instructors will also give in-person and/or virtually. The programs provide the basics, as well as enhance skills for experienced students.

Instrument lesson programs include:




*Drum kit


*Electric/upright bass




The institute offers a state-of-the-art, full-service recording studio with full live band recording capabilities and top of the line engineering software.

“Our young students will learn a variety of aspects of audio engineering, from recording and mixing to how to use different plug-ins,” the foundation said. “Our experienced instructors provide programs that will offer guidance for beginners and enhanced skills for the rising stars.”

The digital recording lesson programs include:

*Multi-Track Recording

*Music Production




For more information, email: or phone 609-841-6897. Free lesson programs available for qualified students.

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