Ronnise White Believes in Family, Community in Buena Vista Twp.


Ronnise White. Photo courtesy of Ronnise White.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

NEWTONVILLERonnise White believes in family.

With close-knit families, hugs seem to go on a little longer and tighter, laughs are a little louder and smiles are just a little wider. That’s how it is with the former Buena Vista Township committeewoman who is looking to regain a seat on the body this fall.

“We all love to travel together and celebrate each other’s accomplishments,” White told Front Runner New Jersey. “We are supporters by nature. Birthday celebrations are a family value in each of our households. They are elaborate: planned and decorated. We always make sure someone feels our love.”

White will be running as a Democrat with Carlo Favretto Jr. to a seat on the Buena Vista Township Committee. They will face two Republicans in November’s general election in this western Atlantic County community.

Ronnise White with Carlo Favretto Jr., who are both running for Buena Vista Township Committee. Photo courtesy Favretto-White campaign Facebook.

White also believes that the family is also the nucleus to a healthy community. It’s one of the reasons public service is important to her. An award-winning employee at Buena Vista schools, she and her husband Aaron White Sr. have been active in numerous school and community activities.

“I believe in healthy communication within my family, church family and community families,” White said. “Showing a genuine love and respect for one another as well as being transparent when there are issues that need to be addressed are the meaning of true love, loyalty, and gratitude.

The Value of Family

“Valuing my family means valuing my community and the neighborhood I live in. That’s why putting the needs of the community residents first is so important to me. Strong individuals can build strong families and strong families create stronger communities,” she continued.

Ronnise White with family. Photo courtesy of Ronnise White.

White served as a county committee member for more than six years and in December 2019, was asked to fill a remaining term on the Buena Vista Township in December 2019.

“With this position came a responsibility to govern, pass or deny ordinances, and resolutions that potentially affect a community at large,” White said. “With the support of my family and the encouragement of my pastor, I decided to fill the position and was appointed as committeewoman. I’m blessed to be on the journey, learning while growing.”

White is the daughter of Ronald and Marilyn Eason and is a 1996 graduate of Egg Harbor Township High School. She graduated with honors from Atlantic Cape Community College with an associate’s degree in arts in education. Her husband is a U.S. Army veteran and is a current member of the Laborer’s Local 172. He also owns A&R Construction LLC.

Buena Pride

Their children — Rajhon, Aaron Jr. and Aliyah — all graduated from Buena Regional while their parents volunteered and mentored as members of the Buena Braves Athletics Association.

“When my husband and I learned the strength of Buena Pride, we immediately got involved in the education and extracurricular activities of our children,” White said.

White has worked for the Buena Regional School District since 2008, working as an attendance secretary, accounts payable, secretary to the business administrator and athletic department secretary.

Recognized Leadership

She was awarded the Atlantic County Governor’s Educator of the Year award for the 2020-21 school year and received a certificate of recognition from the New Jersey State Senate.

Ronnise White with Aaron White Sr. in Buena Vista Committee chambers. Photo courtesy of Ronnise White.

White has also received recognition for her outstanding professional work from Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson, Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office, Atlantic County Board of County Commissioners, New Jersey District 2 General Assembly, New Jersey State Sen. Chris A. Brown and U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew.

“I emphasize the importance of presenting one’s best self in every way possible,” White said. “This includes being timely in addressing concerns and being open to hearing and connecting with others. I do my best to come early and stay late at events to ensure all needs are met and that the task at hand is accomplished.

“By putting your best foot forward for those in the community who deserve the best is an example to how we all can do our best every day. I hope that by modeling this, others will join in and adopt this mentality,” she said.

‘You Are a Religious Person’

The White family is a partner of The Embassy Saint James Bible Deliverance led by Apostle Robbin Hargrove. White’s previous leadership training with Pastor Jeffrey Harvey, coupled with her current ministerial and leadership training has encouraged and equipped her with the strength, grace and aptitude for leadership in her community on a greater level.

White said she takes her faith as a guidepost, a standard that has served her well-making decisions, embracing life and helping others.

“I believe strong faith in God, character, honesty and integrity has caused me to excel in all of my endeavors,” White said. “Oftentimes, people will say, ‘You are a religious person.’ I believe that my relationship with Christ causes me to think and act differently. My decisions and responses to things are different because of my relationship with God.”

When asked who inspires her today, White remembered her mother Marilyn Eason.

“She has made countless sacrifices to assure the needs of others are fulfilled,” White said. “I view Michelle Obama as an iconic role model. Mrs. Obama’s love for people is indescribable! Her dedication to the success of her husband and family is a focus like none other. Mrs. Obama focuses on youth, health and the wellness of mankind as a whole.

“She does so with grace and class. What she’s been able to accomplish is something that I continually strive to achieve. The fact that Mrs. Obama didn’t just achieve these things, but did so with amazing character, is why she is so inspirational,” White said.

The Rest of the Story

Here are a few additional responses from White’s interview with Front Runner New Jersey.

FRNJ: Tell us about your family and growing up. Just anything you’d like to share.

Ronnise White: My husband and I have raised amazing and accomplished children. Our oldest son Rajhon is a 2012 Buena Regional High School graduate and has received a B.A. in organizational communications from Montclair State University. He then graduated from the University of Wisconsin (Whitewater) with a master’s in education. Our middle child, Aaron Jr., is a 2018 Buena Regional High School graduate. He is also a 2020 graduate of the United States Air Force tech school majoring in aircraft electrical and environmental and is a current member of Laborer’s Local 172. Our youngest daughter, Aliyah, is a 2020 graduate of Buena Regional High School and is currently attending Atlantic Cape Community College for early childhood education, while working full time. She also has a business called Love-Lee Creations.

Ronnise White with family. Photo courtesy of Ronnise White.

FRNJ: What do you enjoy the most about serving your community?

Ronnise White: Throughout my experiences over the years, I have always been driven by the concern and well-being of family and community as a whole. I look forward to serving in a capacity where all families’ needs are met effectively and efficiently. I have a goal to bring transparency to the government sector. I also aim to celebrate the community by putting the residents first and encouraging civic engagement. I am especially fond of the support and close-knit family orientation of Buena Vista Township Committee members. Their commitment and support is evident amongst the smallest to largest community events.

FRNJ: What other organizations are you involved in?

Ronnise White: I am a volunteer with AHEART Ministries. AHEART aims to advocate, educate, and support at-risk infants under two and their caregivers by providing free essential infant items necessary to enhance their quality of life. I am a member of the Dr. Martin Luther King Community Center Advisory Board. The Buena Vista Township Community Center offers a wide array of activities, services and local calendar events. I serve as a member on the BVT Environmental Commission/Clean Communities Advisory Board, a task force to ensure that BVT is sustainable by reducing the carbon footprint of Buena Vista Township through the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation, environmental education and the implementation of sustainable practices. I’m also a member of the BVT Special Events Committee, which hosts recreation and holiday events within BVT; the Embassy Finance Team, a Christian church devoted to enhancing leadership skills and more; and the Women of Deliverance Finance Team, a Christian women’s ministry.

Ronnise White with the nonprofit AHEART Ministries. Photo courtesy of Ronnise White.

FRNJ: Front Runner New Jersey focuses on role models, especially in the Black community. How seriously do you take your role as a role model? Why?

Ronnise White: I love assisting students in any way that I can. I take the leadership of a role model very seriously. Many children look to school as a safe place to escape unhealthy home situations or may just need an outlet. Some children also need encouragement to get involved, push past their fears or defy the odds. I try my best to seize every opportunity possible to challenge and encourage students to be great, excel and succeed. 

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