Cape May NAACP, Others Host Expungement Seminar on Aug. 18


Cape May County NAACP Treasurer Sherly Cisrow and Assistant Treasurer Tracy Cardwell holding up the branch's new sign. Photo by Clayton Palmer.

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WHITESBORO — The Cape May County NAACP and Volunteers of America, in partnership with the Atlantic and Cape May County Superior Courts, will be hosting an expungement seminar at the First Baptist Church, 8 W. Main Street in Whitesboro on Thursday, Aug. 19.

The seminar will run from 1-6 p.m. to assist community members with filing for an expungement.

An expungement is a legal process that allows someone to have their criminal record shielded from public view, permitting a person to answer questions on job, school, housing, and financial applications as if the conviction never occurred.

According to the American Bar Association, in the United States, virtually all expungement proceedings take place in state courts. Each state, however, has its own laws about whose records are eligible for expungement, which offenses may be expunged, procedures for application, and definitions of how records will be managed under an expungement order.

Juvenile records are the most common, but many states also allow adult defendants to seek expungement of their records. All states limit the types of offenses that may be expunged. Driving offenses, for example, may not be expunged from records in some states.

Once a record is ordered by a court to be expunged, states then have laws about how the record is to be handled, typically sealed.

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