Jimmy Whitehead Endorsed for AC Mayor by Maryland Legislator Darryl Barnes


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ATLANTIC CITYDarryl Barnes, one of the highest-ranking members in the Maryland House of Delegates and chairman of its Legislative Black Caucus, endorsed Jimmy Whitehead for Atlantic City mayor on Monday.

Barnes came to Atlantic City to support Whitehead and talk to voters about how partnerships and initiatives of the Black Agenda can be used.


“Mr. Whitehead’s command-focused leadership will create new pathways of prosperity for many of Atlantic City’s multicultural residents in need of rewarding careers in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and big data industries,” Barnes said in a statement Monday.

“I fully endorse him and his visionary leadership of accountability, compliance, and transparency to move Atlantic City forward. I look forward to exploring strategic Security, Economy, Education (S.E.E.) collaborations between Maryland and Atlantic City.”

Whitehead and Barnes toured parts of the city and meet privately with elected officials, business owners, and community leaders before Barnes addresses voters at Whitehead’s campaign headquarters at 3317 Atlantic Avenue.

“As mayor of the New City of Atlantic City, one of my growth strategies will be to connect to officials in cities, states, and countries with shared interests,” Whitehead said.

“The Honorable Darryl Barnes from Maryland can provide a wealth of information, experience, and resources in areas affecting the city and the Black community such as economic development, criminal justice reform, law enforcement, business growth and education. I am honored to have the support of this successful Maryland Delegate, businessman, community advocate, and fellow veteran.”

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