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Front Runner New Jersey is excited to announce a new monthly column by Rev. Ralph Graves, pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Millville.

Pastor Graves has been a friend of Front Runner New nearly since its inception. He is a nationally-recognized keynote speaker and author as well as pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in South Jersey.

He will deliver exclusive columns to Front Runner New Jersey meant to engage, inspire and uplift our readers. If you know anything about Graves, he is an abundance of energy, passion and with a sincere desire to serve the Lord and lift up everyone around him.

Rev. Ralph Graves Jr.

Please find his first column which we posted on Monday (November 8). Feel free to share his column with all those you feel needs to hear his moving messages and come back to Front Runner New every month to see what Pastor Graves has to say.

Also, come back more frequently to check out all of our other stories on what makes the Black and Latino communities in South Jersey special.

Cornerstone Community Church in Millville: Visit today, Services Sunday at 10:30 a.m. EST. Click HERE for more information

Become “Unstoppable.” Check out the latest books and podcasts from Rev. Ralph Graves. Click HERE for more information.

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