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By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

SOMERDALE Angela Morrison knew the work she specializes in, administrative support to business owners, was valuable but was finding little appreciation or satisfaction at her employment.

Morrison went on to create Angie’s At Your Service Virtual Assistance to share her skills to help busy business owners concentrate on what they do best. It took some misfortunate for Morrison to realize her dream, but she was able to “make lemonade out of my lemons,” and in turn a successful business.

The need for virtual assistants is growing around the country. According to the website UAssistMe.com, virtual assistance are cost-effective, allow business owners the flexibility to scale up and down as seems fit, offers a wide market of available competent and skilled professionals and allow owners more time, independence, and freedom to do what an individual loves while also expanding their business.

According to the “Global Virtual Assistant Market 2021-2025” report by ResearchAndMarkets.com, the virtual assistant market is poised to grow by $4.12 billion during 2021-2025. With that in mind, Morrison is ahead of the curve.

Here is her story in Front Runner New Jersey.com’s 5 Questions Business Profile.

The Angela Morrison File

Name: Angela Morrison

Name of Business: Angie’s At Your Service Virtual Assistance

Address: South Jersey 

Years in business: 7

Specialize in: Providing Administrative Support to business owner

Contact info: www.angatyourservice.com, 856-462-0296

1. FRNJ: What made you become a business owner?

Angela Morrison: Being stuck in a role that was not giving me room to grow and develop and also having to deal with office politics that made me feel devalued as an individual is one of the things that pushed me to start thinking of wanting to own my own business. I began writing my business plan but had fear of losing the consistency of a reliable paycheck. Eventually, I was in a car accident that left me home disabled. At that time I took the opportunity to make lemonade out of my lemons and pushed myself to start my business.

2. FRNJ: Why did you select your current field?

Angela Morrison: I have a huge thirst for growth and development/knowledge, creativity and administrative work

3. FRNJ: What do you enjoy the most about being a business owner?

Angela Morrison: Helping my clients grow their business. Hearing feedback from my clients on how grateful they are for what my service has done within their business to help them grow is the best part. I get to see it first hand as many of my clients have been with me for some years so I’ve watched them grow from smaller to larger businesses. It is very fulfilling knowing that I was able to be a part of their growth.


4. FRNJ: How important is it for you to have positive Black role models in business?

Angela Morrison: It is very important. As a business owner who is not just a person of color but also a female, growing my business has been a struggle. We are a drop in the bucket in the pool of business owners. Seeing other Black business owners thrive despite challenges really keeps me going and is inspiring. About 75% of my clients are other black business owners. 

5. FRNJ: Anything else would you like to add?

Angela Morrison: I am also teaching/inspiring my children to start their own businesses. My oldest daughter whose now 21 started a non-profit organization for children with special needs when she was 17. I believe it is key for us to build generational wealth and inspire our children to do the same to keep the power of success in our own hands.

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