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PAULSBORO — There is an old proverb that says: Necessity is the mother of invention, and for business owner Tenisha Lenair, it also meant good health as well.

Lenair became a living example of that proverb trying to bounce back from a sickness in 2020. One of the things she used was self-made health juices she created herself after doing some research. The juices worked so well and she enjoyed making them so much that her DeVine Juices business was born.

The business helped her two-fold. It provided an avenue to do something she loved doing and some job security after he lengthy stay off work because of her illness.

In our latest edition of “5 Questions,” Lenair shares her own journey from health scare to business owner.

The Tenisha Lenair File

Name: Tenisha Lenair

Name of Business: DeVine Juices

Location: Home based at the moment in Paulsboro

Years in the Business: 2 years of business this July

Specializes in: Making 100% fruit and vegetables drinks

Contact Info: Email:, Facebook: DeVine Juices, Instagram: DeVine Juices, and Phone number: 267-586-0698

1. FRNJ: What made you become a business owner and why you selected this field?

Tenisha Lenair: In 2020 I had to take a leave of absents from work because I became sick. I then started to panic about my finances because of the long time I had to be out of work. As I started to feel better, I decided to do a juice fast. As I started my own juice journey, I began to get joy out of making such great tasting drinks. I still had some time to be out of work, I decided to give selling my juices a shot. I began to give out samples to friends and asked them to post my product on their social media page. It too off!! It then became more than just earnings for me as I began to realize that I was helping people start and maintain a healthy way of living. It became a passion for me! I then started to research the nutrient value in detoxifying the body and all its benefits. I began to look for other healthy wellness item to offer my customers. Because not only did I want to sale juices I wanted to be able to help others with supplying them with the best options of healthy products for their specific needs. I say this all too many times, but the statement is true, it’s not a diet it’s a healthier way of eating and living. And DeVine Juices is here to help.

2. FRNJ: What does your company do?

Tenisha Lenair: DeVine Juices makes a variety of healthy, nutritious, great tasting cold pressed juices. Specializing in whole body detox. We also supply several wellness items to help aid your body with preventive care, restoration and maintenance of your body. Healthy habits start here!

3. FRNJ: What you enjoy the most about being a business owner?

Tenisha Lenair: The freedom of being my own boss!!! In a nut shell lol. I also love the motivation it gives me. If I don’t get up and do it who will?!? It’s the press and strive for greater each sale and day!

4. FRNJ: How important is it for you to have positive Black role models in business?

Tenisha Lenair: It’s very important, because it shows that African Americas can do just as other races can do. We do not have to exclude ourselves from success. It’s shows structure, empowerment of one’s own, determination, bravery and so much more. Stepping out on a platform as such can give life and hope to our African American community.

Photo courtesy of Tenisha Lenair.

5. FRNJ: What makes your company stand out?

Tenisha Lenair: Our fruits and vegetables are handpicked and carefully selected with care for preparation to ensure freshness and a great tasting product. Unlike a centrifugal or masticating juicer which has the potential to lose much of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables in the processing process. Our two-stage hydraulic cold press juice machine gently processes the making of our juices, by first grinding the product into almost a baby food consistency then the pulp is pressed under 5.400 pounds of force, which preserve enzymes, minerals and vitamins in which your body depends on when consuming a healthy drink.

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