New Jersey State Sen. Troy Singleton.

By State Sen. Troy Singleton

Again! I mourn the loss of the innocent victims of this latest mass shooting in our nation. Yet, it’s embarrassing and infuriating … this mindset that allows yet another mass shooting to again grip our nation with no response but hollow words.

What troubles me more is that while yet another series of families mourn, our collective national conscience will retreat into partisan positions without even the pretense of trying to solve the root issue of this disease that ravages our nation.

This begs the question as to why we cannot engage in a collaborative form of political discourse that seeks healing, compassion and a connection to repair our nation? Why must we continue to refuse to devote our energy to collaborating on a solution? When will enough be enough?

We cannot believe that the next family to mourn will never be our own. We cannot believe that a nation as great as ours, must remain hostage to this death and destruction. We should not be subjugated to misinformation and subterfuge that tries to deny the truth.

A truth that the overwhelming majority of Americans, of all political stripes, support common sense gun control measures. Measure, that if adopted as a national standard, would save lives and stop the next senseless tragedy from happening.

The murder of innocents that didn’t shock our conscience at Columbine or Sandy Hook cannot continue today after Buffalo or Laguna Woods or Uvalde.

It must not. Our national leaders have a moral and legal obligation to protect our nation. We the people must demand that they do so … NOW!

NOTE: This story first appeared on State Sen. Troy Singleton’s blog on May 26.

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