Dr. Tiffani Worthy Stands Out With Her Dedication to Community



WILLINGBORO — Whether it is through education, serving the community or representing Willingboro Township at the highest levels of government, Dr. Tiffani Worthy always manages to standout and shine.

The military veteran, community leader, and former mayor of Willingboro said one of her major goals is to live a life of purpose. That, she has.

Worthy is the founder and chief executive officer of the community nonprofit organization All Things Are Possible Foundation, which seeks to empower youth and enhance the community.

“We do that by offering before and after school programs, summer empowerment experience, which is a 10-week summer program,” Worthy told Front Runner New Jersey. “We have mentorship opportunities and a large focus is on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics).

“We take students on cultural trips, college tours, and we are committed to the youth being able to take charge of who they are and really optimize their potential and what they can become.”

Worthy created the nonprofit with her husband, Dr. Carlos Worthy, while she was still residing in the Washington, D.C. area, however, after moving to Willingboro, she recognized a need for some changes.

“We expanded our offering once we moved to Willingboro because the needs in Willingboro were very different than the needs we saw when we lived in the D.C. area,” Worthy said. “So, once we moved to Willingboro, we shifted our focus and included more programming and we offered scholarships to help students to afford college.”

ATAP Foundation has been successful in positively impacting the lives of youth in Burlington County with an emphasis in Willingboro.

“We have changed the trajectory of students’ lives through mentorship experiences and exposing them to things that are beyond what they would normally see day to day,” Worthy said.

“We have helped students to afford to stay in college by offsetting the cost of their college tuition and we’ve helped to stabilize families by providing more resources to parents and guardians in order to more effectively parent their children.”

Worthy’s credentials speak for themselves. She earned her undergraduate degree from the prestigious United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. While attending the Academy, she became a charter member at West Point’s Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in 2000 and remains a financial member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She was a charter member at West Point where she established a chapter in 2000.

She then attended Webster University where she earned her master’s degree, before attending The George Washington University where she received her doctorate degree.

Worthy owns two commercial properties in Willingboro with her husband, one of which is The Boro Epicenter. That venue serves to “help community groups and organizations to have a space to connect and to do meaningful work,” Worthy said. It also serves as home to The Boro Church where her husband is the lead pastor.   

Worthy served as mayor of Willingboro for two years, from 2020-2021. She discusses some of the highlights from her time in office.

Samantha Whitfield with Willingboro Township Council running mates Kaya McIntosh and Tiffani Worthy. Photo courtesy of Expect More campaign.

“As the mayor, I drafted the strategic plan for Willingboro Township to help us to get from where we were to where we would like to be,” Worthy said. “This was a critical shift for Willingboro because they did not have any strategic planning or processes in place to really help to achieve the vision of Willingboro.

“So, I worked with the council and we reestablished a vision and a mission for our town. We created the strategic plan and we are in the second year of fulfilling different aspects of that strategic plan. We have worked to increase the relationships and collaboration with other entities in town.”

One initiative that began under Worthy was the “Unity in the Community” series in 2021.

“It was about eight Sundays during the summer and it would be an afternoon of food, fun and music. That’s something I was very excited about — to be able to bring community members together,” Worthy said.

Worthy continues to serve as a councilwoman in Willingboro and said the hard work of serving the public in office continues today.

“We have continued to maintain a 0% tax increase, so this is year two of the 0% tax increase,” Worthy said. “Currently we are working on building some more amenities in Willingboro to include an amphitheater near our library and a black box theater inside of our community center so we can have our own theater and musical productions within our community and leverage the talent of so many different artists and community groups that we have in town.”

Worthy said she hopes to inspire all that surrounds her.

“My goal is to live a life of purpose and to be authentically who I was created to be and to inspire other people to be who they were created to be and to reach their fullest potential,” she said.

Worthy offers some words of motivation that she commonly shares.

“Whatever it is that you are aspiring to do and are purposed to do, everything you need is either within you or it’s within reach.”

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