Atlantic City NAACP Passes Resolution Welcoming Gov. Phil Murphy to National Convention


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ATLANTIC CITY — The Atlantic City NAACP passed a resolution on Monday, welcoming Gov. Phil Murphy to the NAACP national convention, which is being held in the city from July 14-20.

Murphy is a former national board member with the NAACP and is currently serving his second term as New Jersey’s governor. Below is the resolution:

The 113th NAACP National Convention will be held on July 14, 2022 through July 20, 2022; and WHEREAS, “This is Power” is this year’s Convention theme; and

The NAACP National Convention expects to bring thousands of NAACP delegates, civil rights leaders and convention-goers to Atlantic City and the State; and

The NAACP National Board of Directors and our organization’s President and CEO, Derrick Johnson, have invited Governor Philip D. Murphy to attend the 113th National NAACP Convention; and

The question of inviting Governor Murphy to the 113th NAACP Convention has become a recently-publicized issue; and

Governor Murphy is a former NAACP National Board member; and

the National NAACP has a longstanding protocol, procedure, and process for inviting all dignitaries, speakers, and panelists to the organization’s national convenings and events; and

Through this procedure, protocol and process, the National NAACP fully retains the right, authority, and responsibility to invite all dignitaries, speakers, and panelists to the Convention, as the organization determines; and

The National NAACP has a longstanding practice of inviting the current President of the United States, the Governor of the hosting state where the Convention is held, and Mayor of the locale where the Convention convenes; and

As a supporting unit of this national organization and host city, the Atlantic City NAACP sees no established policy or principle for the Atlantic City NAACP to undermine the National NAACP’s decision to invite Governor Murphy to attend the 113th National NAACP Convention.

It is without reservation that the Atlantic City NAACP supports, affirms, and endorses the National NAACP’s invitation to Governor Murphy to attend the 113th NAACP National Convention; and

The members of the Atlantic City NAACP look forward to Governor Murphy’s attendance. Kaleem Shabazz, President Adopted by the Atlantic City NAACP General Membership on Monday, July 11, 2022.

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