Voice Your Choice: Tim Alexander Wins Endorsement From Carolyn Rush


Tim Alexander. Photo courtesy Tim Alexander.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a part of our continuing series of Mid-Term election stories produced by Front Runner New Jersey and FRNJ Extra called “Voice Your Choice.” In this series, you will see local, regional and state stories on both platforms highlighting Black and Latino candidates. We will also produce pieces highlighting where all the candidates stand on critical issues important to these communities.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

ATLANTIC CITY — South Jersey Congressional candidate Tim Alexander this week picked up the endorsement of his former Democratic opponent Carolyn Rush, consolidating the party’s efforts in their challenge to unseat incumbent U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew.

Rush ran a spirited campaign for the Democratic nomination this spring in a vote to that eventually went to Alexander. Rush won nearly 40% of the vote in June’s Democratic primary to Alexander’s more than 60%.

“With the earlier endorsement of Hector Tavarez at the Atlantic County Convention, Rush’s endorsement means that all challengers from the CD-02 primary are showing a united front against Jeff Van Drew,” Alexander’s campaign said.

Rush said it was time for the party to stand together against efforts to dwindle personal rights.

“I am proud to endorse Tim Alexander for Congress,” Rush said in a statement. “Jeff Van Drew’s voting record shows he does not care about protecting our rights. I know that Tim is committed to the people of this district.

Carolyn Rush

“I believe every vote he takes as our Congressman will be through the lens of what is best for us here in South Jersey. Tim was a civil rights attorney; I trust he will take the lead to defend the rights we still have and to restore the ones this radical supreme court has taken away.”

Alexander praised Rush for her endorsement and support in the race.

“Her courage and passion for improving the lives of South Jersyans are inspiring,” Alexander said. “I know with her on our side we can win. The people of this district have gone too long without real representation in D.C. It is time for all of us in South Jersey to work together and reclaim our district.”

In a moderate district that slightly tilts Republican, Van Drew had won it as a Democrat in 2018 before switching parties in support of former President Donald Trump during his first impeachment. He won re-election in a tight race against Amy Kennedy in 2020. Kennedy endorsed Alexander earlier this year.

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