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ATLANTIC CITY — Over the past four years, we have worked hard to cover the African American community and expanded our coverage to the Hispanic community.

Next month, we present the next evolution of FRNJ with our new Front Runner Diverse Voices column. This new column will seek to cover all communities of color in South Jersey and other marginalized community in our continued effort to make sure ALL voices in our region are heard.

We so pleased to announce that award-winning advocate Shelja Touri has agreed to be our lead writer for Front Runner Diverse Voices. If you know Shelja and her work with DEON, you know she is a powerful and passionate advocate for diversity in the area.

READ ABOUT Shelja Touri and DEON Here!

We are truly humbled that she has agreed to join the AC JosepH Media family! She will produce four stories per month for our Diverse Voices column. Please join us in welcoming Shelja and drop us a line with your story ideas, suggestions, etc. We are excited to get this started!

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