Voice Your Choice: Dr. Priscilla Ocasio-Jimenez, Cumberland County Commissioners


Norma Elementary School Principal Priscilla Ocasio-Jimenez. Photo courtesy of Priscilla Ocasio-Jimenez.

EDITOR’S NOTE: VOICE YOUR CHOICE is an ongoing feature that spotlights political candidates of color who are running for office in South Jersey on Nov. 8. If you have a suggestion for candidates to feature, contact editor Clyde Hughes at clyde.hughes@yahoo.com.

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

VINELAND — Longtime educator Dr. Priscilla Ocasio-Jimenez is running for Cumberland County Commissioner for the second consecutive year.

For the past several months, Ocasio-Jimenez and her running mate, incumbent Darlene Barber, has been barnstorming across the county trying to capture the two open seats against Republicans Victoria Lods and Doug Albrecht.

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If she wins, she will become the first Latina elected to the board. Republican Tony Romero became the first Latino to win a seat on the board last year in the race Ocasio-Jimenez participated in.

Ocasio-Jimenez, a cancer survivor, has spent most of her adult life teaching South Jersey children as an educator. She started teaching Spanish in the Vineland School District before joining the Pittsgrove Township School District in 2001.

Highlighting the great culture and leadership in South Jersey’s Hispanic community.

She rose up the ranks to assistant principal and served as principal for Pittsgrove Middle School for about 15 years. She has led Norma Elementary for the past two years, a job she said she “loves.”

Ocasio-Jimenez earned her bachelor’s at Stockton University in Atlantic County and her doctorate from Wilmington University in 2012.

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