All Things Are Possible Honors Community during Kwanzaa Awards


WILLINGBORO — Earlier this month, the nonprofit All Things Are Possible honored nearly a dozen community leaders during its Kwanzaa Community Awards Celebration.

All Things Are Possible was created for Willingboro councilmember and former mayor Dr. Tiffani Worthy. All Things Are Possible (ATAP) has a mission to empower youth and enhance the community through academics, athletics, awareness and arts.

The 2022 honorees included:

*Taquana Wright, Habitat for Humanity

*Al Pimienta, Barberz Inc.

*Lamar Leaphart-Perez, ATAP Mayor

*Dr. Neely Hackett, education advocate

*Dr. Veronica Pollard and Eric Russell, CHAI-CDC

*Brandon and Cynthia Edwards, Born Leaders Activating the Community

*Dr. Odette Cohen, MD, Son Light Pediatrics

*Cory Cottingham, Shokra Soups

*Lori Leonard, Habitat for Humanity

The Board of Directors and Elected Officers of ATAP represent the collective view of the organization’s leadership, sponsors, and supporters that they have a social responsibility to youth. ATAP proactively demonstrate our commitment through investing time, talent and treasure.


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