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ATLANTIC CITY — Apparently, there will be changes to Bader Field in Atlantic City.

Two Philadelphia developers would like to construct a $3 billion housing, office and retail project at Bader Field. Post Brothers has constructed 8,000 apartments and 700,000 square feet of office and retail space since 2006 in and around Philadelphia.

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Bart Blatstein, who is CEO of Tower Investments and owner of the Showboat Hotel as well as other properties in Atlantic City, unveiled this $3 billion plan called Casa Mar, which translates as Ocean House.

The proposal by Tower Investments and Post Brothers includes 10,000 units of multi-family housing. According to Blatstein, it is all rental and allows for the flexibility that people desire today.

They would be able to rent for six months, six years, or 20 years without having to buy a home or condo and worrying about down payments, etc. The plan would also include 400,000 square feet of retail and office space. In addition, 20 acres would be set aside for public recreational space and walking trails.

Prior to this proposal, another company, DEEM Enterprises, proposed a $2.7 billion recreational, residential and retail plan targeting car lovers.

No decision has been made. Bader Field is owned by the city. However, a 2016 law gave state government the power over Atlantic City financial matters.

The state of New Jersey makes the final decision, and the state represents the people. Therefore, the people should have a say pertaining to what will ultimately affect their lives on a daily and consistent basis. In this democratic society in which a government is a representation of the majority of the people, the people should request an open and transparent process for bidding.

I hope that this proposal by Tower Investments and Post Brothers will be taken into consideration and that an open and transparent process for bidding goes forward because this is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity for Atlantic City.

NOTE: “AC Mike” Lopez is a lifelong resident of Atlantic County with years of experience in law enforcement and is now an online, radio and television show host promoting Atlantic City. He has won numerous awards for his passionate work in the community.

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