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SICKLERVILLE — Black history is robust and multifaceted, however, much of what students learn about Black history is limited.

While topics including enslavement, first achievements and the Civil Rights movement aren’t without merit, the instruction of these alone fail to display the totality of what activist and former Director of the Center for Black Studies Research Dr. Cedric Robinson referred to as the Black Radical Tradition.

 In his new book, “Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids,” educator and scholar Rann Miller explores little known aspects of history to showcase a more complete picture of Black history that features the Black Radical Tradition — the continuing development of a collective consciousness informed by historical struggles for liberation and motivated by a shared obligation to preserve the collective being.

“During the month of February, kids in America will spend some time learning about Black history,” said Miller. “I want them to learn two things; that during times of oppression Black people resisted and never stopped and that learning about it shouldn’t be limited to one month.

It is critical that kids of all races — who then grow up to become adults — be taught the full picture of Black history throughout the year. It is my hope that this book, in providing a clearer picture of the past, sparks the types of conversations people should be having as we grapple with current events that stem from history.”

Miller said the country can’t fix things in the present and future without having a deeper comprehension of what happened before. In “Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids,” Miller masterfully sheds light on stories that speak to the spirit of resistance and liberation within African peoples; a spirit that is actively being attacked by opponents of “critical race theory” and “wokeness.”

At a time where understanding historical truths is essential to addressing inequities, Resistance Stories invites readers to explore and contemplate hard truths based on historical facts that aren’t often seen in the history books used in American classrooms.

“Whether you are a parent looking for an inspirational tool for your child or simply someone passionate about preserving African American and African diasporic history, Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids is a must have,” says Dr. Ivory A. Toldson, Director of Education Innovation and Research, NAACP.

Says Shelja Touri, founder of the Diversity & Equal Opportunity Network (DEON), a nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion through education and connection, and secretary for the NAACP-Southern Burlington County branch: “Rann’s knowledge of Black history and Black culture is unparalleled and has been invaluable in DEON’s education programs for both youth and adults. ‘Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids’ is a wonderful resource for people of all ages who want to access a fuller, more meaningful sense of not just Black history but of history overall.”

Book Information Title: Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids, by Rann Miller (Inspiring People and Events All Kids Should Know) Pages: 176 ISBN13: 9781646044450

Language: English Publisher: Bloom Books for Young Readers c/o Ulysses Press Scheduled release date: March 7, 2023, it will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and retail bookstores in the U.S. and internationally.

The book is currently available for presale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and retail bookstores in the U.S. About the Author Rann Miller is a historian, educator and advocate.

His new book, Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids will be available from Ulysses Press on March 7, 2023. A prolific writer, his works have appeared in the Washington Post, HuffingtonPost.com, Education Week, Blavity, Christianity Today, Philadelphia Magazine, and more. Miller is also a regular contributor to Philly 7th Ward, Frontrunner New Jersey, BeNote Magazine, Diversity in Ed, and Progressive Magazine. His experience in both K-12 and higher education spans more than 15 years.

He currently serves as Humanities Department Chairperson and Director of Anti-Bias and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives for the Camden Charter School Network in New Jersey. Miller is a member of the Diversity & Equal Opportunity Network (DEON) executive team, assisting the nonprofit in addressing racial disparities, and inclusion and equity for through education, and hosts an online blog focusing on Black Culture, history and educator resources. For more information, please visit www.rannmiller.com.

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