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ATLANTIC CITY — Whether it is working with visitors coming Atlantic City for a vacation or supporting those in times of trouble, Laura Terrero said she has a sincere passion to reach out and help others.

That passion to embrace people was one of the reasons that Terrero, the multicultural national accounts director for Visit Atlantic City, was honored by the Atlantic City branch of the NAACP last month at its Freedom Fund Gala at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

A native of the Dominican Republic, Terrero has made her home in Atlantic City as founder and pastor of the church Bajo Su Gloria Casa de Dios.

“Helping people is my passion,” Terrero told Front Runner La Prensa. “And it is great to have the opportunity to pastor a community of people that reunite together to worship and help each other. I started Bajo su Gloria Casa de Dios on March 2019.

“Since then, I have been giving spiritual advise, preaching the Gospel, evangelizing, feeding, and helping communities in need and I think there is nothing more rewarding than that. Having the chance to speak with the youth, with women and men that need words of hope and love makes my day every day.”

Highlighting the great culture and leadership in South Jersey’s Hispanic community.

Terrero, who moved to the United States permanently in 2014, said she loves her job with Visit Atlantic City because she gets to share her new home with others.

“The city of Atlantic City reminds me of the Caribbean sometimes, because the people love to come to the shore for their meetings and conventions, to have a combination of work and fun,” she said. “So having the possibility to offer this wonderful combination, makes me feel that I can offer what most people are looking for.”

Terrero said she is also dedicated to working with the local Latino community because she deeply understands to challenges one can face coming to a new country trying to make their way.

“It is a big responsibility [being a role model],” Terrero said. “It is not a matter of being in front of people, social media, news, or the press, but being someone that everybody can trust and know that I’m the same person inside and outside.

“It’s making sure that every step I take and every word I say is a good example for others. Being a role model can be exciting, but scary at the same time.  It is an honor for me to be seen and to be heard by others.”

Terrero said she knows that being away from family and the language barrier can be difficult, along with financial struggles or lacking lawful documentation. She said she feels good to able to break down some of those walls and offer some security for people.

“As a Latina, I know the struggles that our Latino community faces every day,” Terrero said. “Be aware of these struggles makes me want to do something, no matter if it is just a little thing.

“I understand that every little thing can make someone’s life easier and is a key step ahead. At the end of the day, it makes me smile and say to myself ‘Mission Accomplished.'”

The Rest of the Story

Here are some of the other topics Terrero shared with Front Runner La Prensa.

FRNJ: Tell me about growing up in the Dominican Republic. Just anything you’d like to share.

Laura Terrero: I had a very happy childhood, surrounded by family and friends. Budget was a little tight, but love was always the most important element in our family. I grew up with my parents and my only brother.  Living in the Caribbean the beach was always the place to go and as the internet wasn’t a “thing” I enjoyed playing with my neighbors and school friends. I was always independent, and my mother taught me to fight and work hard for what I wanted, so always tried to have good grades, and learn something new every day.

FRNJ: How did you become interested in tourism and hospitality?

Laura Terrero: I was first interested to become a Systems Engineer, because the computers, internet and systems were booming, and I started the career in college, however, when all the math kicked off, I felt it wasn’t the path to follow. Then I started to analyze what was needed in my country and what could I do to earn money and have fun at the same time. The Dominican Republic is a tourism destination right in the center of the Caribbean and counts with the most beautiful beaches and great Hotel and Resort properties, so I went for it. I started working as a hostess in a hotel’s restaurant and ended my career in the Dominican Republic as a director of sales and marketing, so I enjoyed every step.

FRNJ: Anything else you would like to add?

Laura Terrero: In these times where discrimination, violence and lack of love are seen everywhere and every day, we need to be the difference. We need to stand and try to be better every day to encourage others. With love and unity, all is possible.

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