It’s Almost Here: Class of 2023 30 Under 40 Top Young Latinos of SJ


Hispanic Leadership and Community

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

ATLANTIC CITY — One of the things that we look forward to every year is naming our annual 30 Under 40 Top Young Latinos of South Jersey. While every year has been special, we believe that our third edition is really first class.

We usually name our awardees on the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15. We will roll out the Class of 2023 on Friday.

We at Front Runner New Jersey started researching the Class of 2023 shortly after the end of Hispanic Heritage Month last year. In the amount of research that we do, quizzing leaders and influencers around South Jersey and people we encounter doing our regular news coverage, we try to come up with a list that we hope truly represents some of the best young Latinos and Latinas impacting their communities and beyond.

Front Runner New Jersey cannot do this without you. Some of you have made great suggestions to us, point us in the right directions and helped us define our searches. To that, we say thank you. We want this is be your list — for everyone in the community. These young people are your future — they are our future.

With that said, we are proud to present the Class of 2023 on Friday. On Thursday, Sept. 14, we will give you a sneak preview of the list where we will present a handful of our honorees early. Catch the preview on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the meantime, here are the honorees from our first two classes:

30 Under 35, Class of 2021

  • Tiffany Beltran
  • Melanie Braida
  • Diana Calle
  • Angelica Carrasco-Riley
  • Leticia Carrasco
  • Roger Castillo
  • Gabriel Chevere
  • Melanie Cruz Stokes
  • Ashly Estevez-Perez
  • Josefina Ewins
  • Illiana Figueroa
  • Josuel “Nube” Fuentes
  • Jessica Grullon
  • Falio Leyba
  • Alejandra Londono Gomez
  • Gabriela Lopez
  • Tania Martinez
  • Lexxus Matos
  • Jetzaly Medina
  • Rebekah Mena
  • Iris Mendez
  • Victor Moreno
  • Jennifer Negron
  • Marisol Peralta
  • Roxana Perez Nieves
  • Felisha Reyes Morton
  • Veronica Rojas
  • Nohemi Soria-Perez
  • Samuel Tuero
  • Oriana Weatherington

30 Under 35, Class of 2022

  • Armando Alfonso
  • Jonathan Amira
  • Soley Berrios
  • Francheska Caballero
  • Jose Calves
  • Helen Cardoso
  • Aleika Caban Cabrera
  • Maria Cortes
  • Nancy Cruz
  • Alesha Figueroa-Falcon
  • Yajaira Flores
  • Denise Goga
  • Clayton Gonzalez
  • Elena Gonzalez
  • Bryan Gonzalez-Mejia
  • Amy Natasha Hernandez
  • Maria Jimenez
  • Robert Lamilla
  • Jesus “Chu” Lopez
  • Dominic and Sebastian Mercado
  • Irvin Moreno-Rodriguez
  • Dustin Robles-Garcia
  • Joseph “Joey” Rodriguez
  • Sandra Sanchez-Vasquez
  • Virgen Silva-Mendez
  • Sunni Vargas
  • Jakob Vazquez
  • Selena Vazquez
  • Daniela Carolina Velez

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