Unstoppable Conversations: God’s Destiny Worth Pursuing


Rev. Ralph Graves Jr.

BY REV. RALPH GRAVES, JR. | Cornerstone Church, Vineland

Millions of people loved “Seinfeld” when it aired. A college drama department did a study to find out why Seinfeld was so popular.

They determined that the reason was because of its plotless programming. Seinfeld just entered hopelessly from one scene, one circumstance to the next without connection. The drama department concluded that Americans, who lead plotless lives prefer plotless TV programs.

There is a plotless nest that exists in many of our lives today. Often, we move from one scene, one circumstance to the next without purpose. We wander from high school to college, from college to our first job.

Then we’re just dying to get married. Then we’re just dying to have kids. Next, we’re dying to get them out of the house. Then we’re dying to retire, only to find out that we were just dying, never having known why we were alive in the first place.

But what would life look like if we all lived with a purpose, with a destiny?

How would we act and think differently if we saw God’s hand in the plots of our lives, connecting one circumstance to the next, and the tapestry of his will hope, purpose, enjoy, will permeate our lives if we begin to follow our destiny?

God has given you a destiny. Destiny defined is the customized life calling for which God has equipped and ordained us, in order to bring him the greatest glory, and the maximum expansion of his kingdom.

Every Christian must understand their destiny or primary purpose in life, which is to glorify God and make his name known. Destiny always starts with the place of God in our lives. If we want to find our destiny, God must occupy the central place in our hearts, minds, motivations, and actions.

The heart of Destiny is to serve the purposes of God. As we obey, and serve the Lord, he will make his purposes for us clear. Allow me to close by saying this, God’s destiny is worth pursuing. And God‘s destiny requires single-minded focus.

When we stay focused on our destiny, the voices that try to distract us become more and more silent.

BIO: Rev. Ralph Graves is a nationally owned keynote speaker, author, podcast host and pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Vineland.

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