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MOUNT HOLLYAudrey Wiggins believes in the power of networking and coming together, whether it is over a meal or within the synergy of an organization.

As the president of the National Association of Women Business Owners South Jersey Chapter (NAWBO SJ), Wiggins said she has found a true connection with female business owners from around the region — including their hopes, dreams, struggles and successes.

As a business owner of On the Town Food Tours, Wiggins, a native of North Jersey, has learned what makes this end of the state special for so many and the importance of sharing it with others, one meal and special occasion at a time.

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It was 2005 when Wiggins discovered her future occupation while working in South Jersey.

“In my last corporate job, I was introduced to walking food tours,” Wiggins said. “I saw how much fun everyone had trying new foods. I thought that starting my own food tour business would be an enjoyable thing to do on the side and for retirement. While most walking food tours are held in large cities, I wanted to do something here in South Jersey because the tours would benefit small businesses in the region.”

Wiggins said she started her walking food tours in 2014 while working full-time in corporate America. “By 2019, I was working full-time on my food tour business, but the COVID-19 pandemic struck the following year, essentially closing restaurants to customers and groups.

“In 2021, the tours started again but only for small private groups,” Wiggins said. “Now, here we are in 2024. I really want to help people discover the diversity of food and not settle on a dish because they are familiar with it.

“Walking food tours in towns like Collingswood, Haddonfield, Bordentown, Mount Holly, Burlington City, Hammonton, Medford and the Ducktown district of Atlantic City can all give you a different taste of South Jersey.”

Wiggins said, as a single-member small business owner, it made sense for her to join NAWBO.

NAWBO SJ was granted local chapter status in 2003 and provides education, support and mentoring along with networking opportunities for women business owners and their associates throughout the region.

The chapter covers Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem counties and parts of Mercer County.

“I needed to talk with other women business owners and be part of a tribe,” Wiggins said. “I wanted to speak with other business owners going through the same challenges I was experiencing.”

Wiggins said she was impressed with how accommodating everyone was at her first networking event and felt that she made the right decision by joining.

“It was at a NAWBO event where business owners in attendance were very friendly and accessible. They wanted to know how they could help me.”

“I joined the NAWBO SJ marketing committee because marketing is my background. Joining a committee is a great way to get to know the other women business owners better. My role in marketing was to help promote NAWBO in the Southern New Jersey region.

Wiggins said she served as a committee member for a few years before joining the executive board of NAWBO SJ. She served as marketing chair and president-elect before taking over the reins as president this year. She is the second African American woman to serve as president of the organization.

If anyone would ask her about joining NAWBO, Wiggins said she would pitch the networking and relationship building.

“As an organization, we support members and provide mentorship, and business resources with the help of our corporate partners. I would say, join NAWBO if you want to be part of a community that could help your business grow,” she said.

NAWBO has for years been a way for Wiggins and other women business owners to introduce themselves to the community.

For more information about On the Town Food Tours, click here. For details on the NAWBO, click here.

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