Rev. Ralph Graves Next Book is ‘Unstoppable’


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MILLVILLE – Ralph Graves Jr., founder senior pastor at Cornerstone Community Church, readily admits he has not lived a perfect life, but in his new book he tells people they can take advantage of seven universal laws that can make their life, whatever course it has taken so far, unstoppable.

Unstoppable: Seven Universal Laws That Will Transform How You Pursue and Achieve Success,” will hit bookshelves Aug. 28 and pre-orders are now available. A former South Jersey police command officer who traded in his badge for the pulpit, said he defined the laws through his own life experience and the role God has played in his life.

“We all have powerful stories,” Graves, a motivational speaker and actor, told Front Runner New Jersey recently. “A lot of time we are ashamed about what we came through. In reality, we were selected to go through it to help somebody else who might want to quit along the way.

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“I have no problem talking about me being on welfare. I have no problem talking about having a car being repo’ed and facing foreclosure. Somebody is there right now and they think they are there by themselves. They’re not,” he said.

Graves said he realized about six years ago that he could probably help others by chronically his own story. He said that people see him today as a successful pastor of a growing church and sought-after speaker without know the long and winding road that had been traveled.

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“I lot of folks say ‘I want to be where you are,'” Graves said. “I tell them where to get here, I had to come through some of these things as well. Unwed father. My wife as a senior in high school pregnant. All the negatives that said Ralph Graves wasn’t going to amount to anything really became steppingstones to who I am today. Because of those stories I believe I’m able to relate to my audience.”

In the book, Graves details what seven universal laws that people can abide by and use to create their own success in life.

“I know what it feels like to be at a dead end,” Graves said in a Twitter video about the book. “… I know what it feels like to have things stacked against you. I know what it feels like to feel like you’re the black sheep of the family.

“You make the decision whether to stay like that or decide I’m not going to continue this way. These universal laws, these mental laws are set up for everybody. You just have to participate in them and it will transform your life,” he added.

Graves is the founder and vice president of City’s Hope Community Development Corporation, Project U along as a member of the National Speakers Association, business consultant and author. He retired as a police sergeant of Police after 20 years in law enforcement.

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A certified John Maxwell Team coach, speaker and leadership trainer, Graves said his greatest accomplishment has been his marriage to his high school sweetheart and best friend Christine Graves for more than 28 years and their three children.

Graves said he will soon announce an “Unstoppable” book release party. The book will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Photo is courtesy of Rev. Ralph Graves

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