Rev. Ralph Graves: ‘Unstoppable’ Changing Lives of Readers


By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

MILLVILLE – Rev. Ralph Graves Jr.’s current book “Unstoppable: Seven Universal Laws That Will Transform How You Pursue and Achieve Success” continues to be a success as it moves to audio form with upcoming book signings and reading parties.

Graves, pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Millville, said he has been blessed by the book’s continued success.

“People are excited about it and I’m trying to keep it at the forefront,” Graves told Front Runner New “The goal is to sell a million copies. You have to work it on this in to make that happen. I know that there are people around the globe who don’t know it exist yet, so it’s my job to get it to them.”

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“Unstoppable” reveals seven universal laws that every person must follow to achieve success; how to stop drifting through life and start exercising control of your future happiness; the absolute importance of the right mindset and habits; the blessing that comes from living for something greater than yourself; and how to keep your past hurts from holding you back.

Each chapter concludes with application-focused questions and action steps to guide the reader in making the seven universal laws a part of your daily life.

“Just the reaction from those who have read it and applied it has been a blessing,” Graves said. “Some of the truths, bulletproof truths of respecting these universal laws, have helped change lives. That’s what I’ve gotten from the notes and emails I’ve been getting.

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“One person said, ‘I’ve been really struggling with forgiveness and I get it now.’ The changing of lives has been the most rewarding thing about it and how they see life now,” he added.

Rev. Ralph Graves Jr., author of “Unstoppable” and pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Millville. Photo courtesy of Ralph Graves Jr.

Graves told the story about one female reader who used the law of control to understand her negative relationship with one person and how that was affecting her in an unhealthy way.

“You can control how you respond to things that happen in your life,” Graves said. “She learned that she controlled the feelings that she had about that person and how those feelings have kept her enslaved.

“Now she knows she has control over those feelings. Just to see people get those breakthroughs, breakthroughs that have been real strongholds in their lives for 10-15 years, have been phenomenal for me,” Graves continued.

Graves said new book signings locally and other locations are being planned for 2020 and he continue to spread the message. He said an audio version of the book is now in the works.

“That’s our next major step,” Graves said. “It will be read by me and will be available on Audible and everywhere else when it’s done.”

“Unstoppable” can be purchased at, Barnes & Noble website, and

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