SBC, Willingboro NAACP Branches Hold Successful Freedom Fund Gala


Crystal Charley Sibley and Samantha Whitfield

By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

MOUNT LAUREL – For the first time, the Southern Burlington County NAACP and the Willingboro and Vicinity NAACP held a joint Freedom Fund Affair honoring those in the community at the Westin Mount Lauren on Saturday, Nov. 2.

J.W. Piercy III, of the Southern Burlington County NAACP, performed the emcee duties for the evening. Presidents for each chapter – Crystal Charley of Southern Burlington County and Samantha Whitfield of Willingboro – made the opening and closing comments for the affair attended by about 100 people.

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“It is great pleasure that we have this event together,” Charley said in her opening remarks. “The Southern region of the NAACP is rocking. You have strong branches and the strength is in the commitment to the people who are there. It’s time to grow the numbers because there’s room to add more hands to the plow.”

Whitfield, who will also take her place on the Willingboro city council in January, echoed the importance of working together with the Southern Burlington County branch.

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“The theme of our joint event is together, when we fight, we win,” Whitfield said. “This year, the Southern Burlington County Branch and the Willingboro branch have been making a conscious effort to work together to advance the mission of the NAACP.”

Benjamin J. McKenzle performed a musical selection while Walkin Contradiction and Ambition Harper contributed spoken word performance. The awards were given after dinner.

Find the list of all the winners here.

Award winners included Burlington County Freeholder Felicia Hopson and teen author Amya Meekins.

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