Bridgeton High School STEM Team. Photos courtesy of Bridgeton High School

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BRIDGETON – Bridgeton High School STEM students won an overall first place in 2020 Physics Olympics South held at Washington Township High School in January, sponsored by the New Jersey Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

The students included Jenifer Jimenez, Karina Lopez, Francheska Vera Gonzalez, Anthony Chay, and Daniel Marquez Lopez.

The team competed against nine other high school in six categories, including Fermi Questions, Grab Bag, Newspaper Bridge, the Paper Boomerang, Hooked Cartesian Diver, and Pringles Event.

Bridgeton took first place in the Grab-bag challenge to create the tallest tower out of one piece of paper; second in Newspaper bridge which aims to hold the most weight/mass without failing; and first in Hooked Cartesian Diver where the goal is to design and build Cartesian divers that will retrieve different types of hooked sinkers in the least amount of time.

They also took third in Pringles Event where the students had to design the smallest container that will enable two Pringles chips to be sent through the U.S. Mail without damage.

Photos of Bridgeton H.S. STEM Team. Courtesy of Bridgeton High School

“These amazing STEM students who worked hard to represent Bridgeton proudly deserve the chance to be honored by the Commissioner of Education for their commitment to academic excellence,” said a statement released by the high school.

“We also can’t forget all the countless hours put in by our coach, Brianna Carroll, who assembled, encouraged, and chaperoned the team and Kevin Frangakis who assisted with chaperoning and cheered them on as well,” the statement continued.

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