Rev. Charles Boyer, Faith Leaders Discuss Cannabis Vote In Middle of COVID-19


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WOODBURY – Faith leaders from New Jersey, led by Rev. Charles Boyer, founder of Salvation and Social Justice, held a virtual session last week on cannabis legislation and the state’s 2020 ballot initiative in light of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Boyer, pastor of Bethel AME Church Woodbury, said the conversation is part of the “next steps in ending the racist cannabis front of the drug war.”

Boyer is joined on the discussion with Ami Kachalia, American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey; Pastor Timothy Levi Adkins Jones, Bethany Baptist Church in Newark; Pastor Willie Dwayne Francois, Mount Zion Baptist Church Pleasantville; Pastor Stephen Green, Heard AME Church Roselle; and Pastor Leslie Harrison, Mount Zion AME Church, Riverton.

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“Cannabis legalization has been punted to the voters in a 2020 ballot initiative,” Boyer said in his message about the virtual discussion. “What happens to all the racial justice priorities we were fighting for?

“To complicate matters, the coronavirus has changed everything, even the way we push for justice. It is imperative advocates and lawmakers prioritize racial justice measures even with a ballot and even with the coronavirus,” Boyer continued.

See the video here.

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