Will Cunningham: Claiming 2-Person Congressional Race ‘A Lie, Plain and Simple’


By Will Cunningham | Congressional Candidate, New Jersey District 2

On June 27, The Washington Post published an article titled “In South Jersey, it’s a Kennedy Against A Power Broker Favorite to Challenge Turncoat Rep. Van Drew” detailing the so-called state of the race in the Democratic primary for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District. 

Frankly, I am disgusted, fed-up, and astounded by the intentional erasure of my candidacy by the Washington Post and countless other media outlets over the course of this race. This article did not mention the name Will Cunningham a single time.

In this nation, black men shouldn’t have to die on camera in front of the nation to have their voices and stories heard or their substance recognized. The actions of the press throughout this entire campaign reek of implicit bias bordering on racism and utter whitewashing. It is beyond unacceptable.

Since declaring my candidacy, my campaign has raised nearly $165,000, including over $73,000 in this quarter alone. To say that this is a two-person race between Amy Kennedy and Brigid Callahan Harrison is a lie, plain and simple. Brigid Callahan Harrison has raised a mere $50,000 from individual donors and has less than $10,000 cash on hand.

You tell me if that’s the definition of a “power broker favorite.” Every single dollar in my campaign is from individual donors who care about making a real difference for equity and justice in this country, not from privileged pockets. 

I understand that my surging candidacy may be an inconvenience to the insider narrative of big machine money politics vs a family business grasping for political relevance, but the struggle of my people has apparently always been an inconvenience for this nation to grapple with.

As our nation is grappling with its racial divides through the Black Lives Matter Movement, articles like this and the actions of the press to erase my campaign’s platform showcase that those with power and influence are not willingly ready to change. No matter how many empty platitudes are espoused by the press, when it comes to considering the worthiness of a black man from a humble background to be the voice of his region’s struggle because he knows it best, I am muzzled. How dare you. 

Power and privilege are on the ballot in NJ-2, and they do not need further amplification from outlets like The Washington Post. Endorsements do not vote. People vote. And the Will of the People will be heard on July 7th. We are going to bring true representation back to South Jersey. Get ready. 

Note: Will Cunningham is a Democratic candidate for the New Jersey District 2 House of Representatives Seat.

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