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By David DeJesus | KIPP Lanning Square Middle School, Camden

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Bravery can come from anyone, but it takes courage to be brave. Bravery might seem like a challenge for certain people. As I see bravery it comes in many different ways, like from being young and learning new things and not letting fear get in the way. As a baby you can be brave by first learning how to walk. Some babies are afraid to let go of things and do it on their own, when other babies are brave enough to just go for it.

Bravery where I live is needed because there is some violence that often causes shooting. To live in Camden, N.J. as a young male you need to be brave especially when being outside. People can rob you, pick fights, even kidnap and rape. You have to be brave enough to fight back and confront certain situations. Young males can also be a target for the police to think they are up to no good when they don’t even know you as a person. As a twelve year old male living in Camden, my parents fear that I will end up at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up in a bad situation.


Another example of bravery that I learned is confronting a bully. Some kids suffer a lot from mean kids and it affects them a lot until they confront that bully and put a stop to everything. The kid being bullied needs to have courage and bravery because if not, it will continue to happen. If the person isn’t brave enough the situation can become tragic. Some people even take their own lives just to not have to deal with the bullying any longer.

Bravery as an adult I think could be as challenging. I have read about many people who were brave and did all crazy things to get others to understand how they felt. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. was brave enough to speak up for equality and for every human being to be treated the same. Rosa Parks also stood up for herself and all people to have the same treatment and respect as the whites. I believe that if there was more courage and bravery in this world we would have a better world.

Hi, my name is David DeJesus. I’m 12 years old and I live in Camden, N.J. I am a 7th grader at KIPP Lanning Square Middle School.

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