Rock of Salvation’s Block Party Marks 25 Years of Service to Vineland Community


By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media

VINELAND — The 25th annual Block Party put on by Rock of Salvation Church on June 11 will be the church’s extension into the community it serves, Senior Pastor Benjamin Ocasio said.

The annual block party, which will take place at the church, located at 513 E. Grape Street in Vineland, will have a little something for everyone under the theme of outreach to the community.

Highlighting the great culture and leadership in South Jersey’s Hispanic community.

“We will be giving out clothing and we’ll give out hamburgers and hot dogs totally free,” Ocasio told Front Runner New Jersey. “We will have different activities for the kids like pony rides and we’ll have the fire department out there at some point. Different performers will take the stage.”

Ocasio said while some have asked why the church doesn’t charge for the food and entertainment, he said he believed it was a way for the church to give back.

“It obviously demonstrating the love to our community and thanking God for the opportunity,” Ocasio said. “He’s given to us to be able to be to do this without no charge. I know some people say, well, why don’t you charge us now. We just we just want to be able to bless our community.”

He said it gives a chance for people who have never been inside the church a chance to come in and see what Rock of Salvation has to offer.

“A lot of people talk about the love of God and being Christians and so forth, but we just felt that, that that was what we needed to do for our community,” the pastor added.

Jorge Torres will be the special speaker at the event.

Ocasio hosts his own talk show on Fridays on WMIZ 1270 AM.

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