DEMCAT’s Do Good Dads Honors Local Fathers


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ATLANTIC CITY — Fifteen local fathers will be recognized on Thursday, June 16 at the Do Good Dads event at Atlantic City’s iconic Knife and Fork Inn, 3600 Atlantic Avenue starting at 6 p.m., hosted by Elijah Langford and the nonprofit DEMCATS.

Langford said 15 local fathers will be recognized during the event, treating them with an experience “which none of them have experienced yet.”

The fathers will receive a gift bag that includes a robe, a $50 Wawa gift card, state of the art Bluetooth speaker, along with other items.

“The purpose of the dinner is to honor each one of these fathers for being a good dad,” Langford said. “We encourage more to do the same, but also to dispel the myth that ‘minority fathers are absent.’

“Most of these fathers are single, some are raising young girls, some have lost their significant other, some have sustained traumatic injuries, some are raising children that aren’t biologically theirs, but none of these unfortunate circumstances have prevented them from being a great dad.”

Langford said the day is also personally special for him.

“Forty years ago to the exact date, my dad [former Atlantic City mayor Lorenzo Langford] had a chance to become a first-time father and he and mother experienced their first stillborn. So, this is also a tribute to him.”

To RSVP for the event, contact or 609-432-9649.

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