Unstoppable Conversations: Personal Transformation ‘Must Do’s’


Rev. Ralph Graves Jr.

By Pastor Ralph Graves | Cornerstone Community Church

VINELAND — These are “must do’s” for personal transformation.

1. Quality Time: There’s a difference between being busy and being effective. What I’ve discovered over time is that I was focused on a lot of different things going nowhere fast because I thought busyness equaled effectiveness, and it doesn’t. If you really want to understand the power of quality time, look at every hour of the day as your personal employee: How do you deploy your energy, your thinking and your ability to get the maximum out of that hour? If it’s true that we should sleep at least eight hours a day, that means there are 16 hours left in a day after we sleep, 16 hours to ensure it is the highest and best use of our time. So ask yourself, “Am I being busy or am I being effective?”

2. Quality Relationships: Whoever has your ear has your life. The individuals that really challenge you to be the very best are those who don’t always agree with you. They may not “like” posts or comment on anything that you’re doing, but when you do talk to them, they give you critical feedback that is needed for you to grow. So do you have quality relationships that give you a different perspective and lens on everything that’s happening in your life?

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3. Quality Life: If you want to have a quality life, it’s making a decision every single day to let go of things that have reached a natural expiration date, so that you can let come what wants to emerge. How do you evaluate if you have a quality life? Take a quick personal survey: On a scale of 1 to 10 — 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest — how happy are you with the quality of your life right now? If you say it’s a 5, what would it be like to move it from a 5 to a 5.5, to a 6 or to a 7? What different decisions will you make today? What choices are you going to make? What things are you truly going to let go of?

BONUS: I can’t let you go without giving you this most important bit of advice. 

There must be private time with God. 

“The Lord is near all who call out to him, all who call out to him with integrity.” – Psalm 145:18

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