Priscilla Loomis Hosts Women’s Empowerment Workshop for Black History Month on Feb. 18 in Wildwood


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WILDWOODOlympian Priscilla Frederick Loomis will be hosting a women’s empowerment workshop on Saturday, Feb. 18 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce, 3306 Pacific Avenue in Wildwood.

Loomis is partnering with Holly Fulger, and her nonprofit, True Beauty Discovery to bring the workshop to life.

“Our ‘Legendary Workshop’ is a one-day event led my female mentors from our community,” said Loomis, a track and field standout. “Within this workshop, we will teach 35 underserved high school girls of Cape May County, 10th to 12th grade to champion the beauty of individuality and identify and nurture inclusive beauty ideals.

“The workshop will include ice breakers, a yoga class, lessons on empowering vocabulary, learning their legendary identity that fits their personality, a free makeup class sponsored by CoverGirl & Ardell Beauty and more.”

Loomis said she believes strongly that the empowerment of girls and women is one of the most important concerns of the 21st century and that girls need support and mentorship to be able to grow into their own power as individuals and become leaders.

“True Beauty Discovery addresses these issues, specifically through their workshops, that offer not only mentorship and support, but a way to connect each participant with her own unique strengths through our proprietary Legends framework,” Loomis said.

 Take a look at their sizzle reel to get a better sense of what True Beauty Discovery is all about.

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